Korean Youtube Sensation Pony Shares Her Ultimate Make-Up Tip For Glowing Skin


With just over 5.4 million subscribers on YouTube Pony (real name Hye-Min Park) is a superstar in the beauty world.  Her Taylor Swift transformation has been viewed almost 19 million times.

In Sydney to launch Shiseido’s new make-up collection, I’m immediately struck by Pony’s luminous skin when I sit down with her for our interview. I want to know exactly which skincare products she’s using and how she creates this glow up-close and without a filter in sight. Here, we chat to Pony about her skincare regimen, finding inspiration and her best make-up tips and tricks…

Do you have a favourite product from Shiseido’s 2018 collection?

“My favourite is the VisionAiry Gel Lipstick– I love the fact that it is hydrating and it doesn’t leave my lips feeling dry or cracked.” 

How did you first become a makeup artist?

“Originally, I was a graphic designer and started a make-up blog as a hobby. Then a book publisher came across my blog and he proposed that I write a makeup book. Then once it became a bestseller overseas I started doing YouTube videos and tutorials.”

How do you find inspiration for your make-up tutorials and transformations? 

“I get inspired by my surroundings. For example, the “glass skin” craze is very popular in the Korean skincare market right now and I’m interested in seeing how I can play with that trend using make-up.”

Speaking of skincare, can you tell me how you look after your skin?

“I try to reduce harsh stimulants or scrubs as much as possible and only use an exfoliating treatment every two or three months.”

How do you achieve a flawless make-up base? 

“Skincare is vital but the most important product is Shiseido’s Synchro Skin Glow Cushion Compact. It’s very good in the sense that it gives you that thin coverage but it covers your flaws and is very hydrating and moisturising. It’s not just packing it on but using it throughout the day to fix up your make-up.

Can you share one of favourite your beauty secrets?

hen you’re applying make-up it’s easy to get carried away doing too much and accentuating too much on your eye or too bright or too thick in the colour on your lipstick. She’ll give you the tip when it comes to balancing. So, she said that the tip is to balance or divide your face into three parts so you don’t put too much into one area. The thing is before you start applying make-up, if you want to accentuate your eyes, then you apply 70% of the focus on your eye.”

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