Runway Room Founder Alex Fevola Is Championing Australian-Made Beauty

"I had a very clear vision to make beauty easy and accessible for everyone."

Midway into her 25 years as a makeup artist, Alex Fevola created Runway Room, which offers both in-salon makeup services and a slew of premium cosmetics

Here, we chat to Alex about her inspirations, motivations and inside tips for fellow entrepreneurs

My Inspiration…

I had a very clear vision to make beauty easy and accessible for everyone, demystifying it, and creating uncomplicated, easy-to-use products so even the biggest makeup novice can achieve amazing results.

The Unique Selling Point…

Premium Australian-made products at an affordable price range. We focus on weightless formulas, skin-loving ingredients and multipurpose tools. Runway Room is known for its effortless glam, skin that glows and eyes that pop in under 10 minutes.

Alex Fevola posing with daughter Mia
Alex Fevola posing with her daughter Mia. (Credit: Instagram: @alexfevolamakeup)

Desert Island Products…

I have a Lip Prep in my purse, car and makeup bag. It has a soft pink tint to it, so it’s the perfect everyday lip product for when you’re on the go. Its natural formula is both nourishing and plumping.

The Good And The Bad…

Covid was a pivotal point for all businesses. For us it negatively impacted our stores, but it had the opposite effect on our product line. We experienced some huge growth through that period as people were wanting to buy Australian-made more than ever. A recent highlight was seeing [celebrity chef] Nigella Lawson go online and purchase our products from London. She then left two incredible reviews because she was so impressed with our products. It was a pinch-me moment. Unrelated but equally exciting, we are launching into the UK through a partnership with QVC. We’re thrilled to be launching the brand internationally.

The Most Surprising Moment…

The rise in influencer and celebrity beauty brands. Beauty was always a competitive space but now it’s super crowded. I feel the best way to stay relevant is to stay true to your brand DNA and avoid being influenced by what other brands are doing or you risk losing your authenticity and your secret sauce.

Tip For Beauty Entrepreneurs…

Many beauty brands put most of their resources and dollars into marketing. We did it the other way around, spending years on product development and trialling until we curated the perfect range. We built a solid foundation, real customer reviews and organic word of mouth. It’s an old-fashioned approach but in my opinion a much stronger foundation.

In The Pipeline…

Launching the diffusion brand, Runway Express, exclusively into Direct Chemist Outlet stores is next on the agenda. From November this year, you will be able to access our premium products nationally.

Shop Alex Fevola’s Favourite Products: 

runway room glow palette

Runway Room Bronzer, Blush & Highlighter Glow Palette, $65 at Runway Room

runwau toom lipstick

Runway Room The Bride Lipstick, $34.95 at Runway Room

runway room blush

Runway Room Mineral Pressed Powder in Pink Frost Blush, $54.95 at Runway Room

runway room

Runway Room First Base Hydrating Primer, $69.95 at Runway Room

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