‘I’ll Never Stop Using Selena Gomez’s High-Tech Rare Beauty Lip Oil-Meets-Lip Stain’

Everything you need to know about this newly released, ground-breaking formula.
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In the beauty industry, there are always firsts. The first time you tried blending with a Beauty Blender, the first time you attempted a Kimmy K contour circa 2010, and now, the first time you tried a Rare Beauty Soft Pinch Lip Oil.

Why will you always remember this moment? Because it is a formula the beauty experts here at marie claire have never tried before.

This lip product has been very close to Gomez’s heart, having spent two years perfecting it. And yes, it was worth every second.

Have you seen us rave like this before? Probably not, but this is honestly a very solid product. Here’s why.

What Is The Rare Beauty Lip Oil?

Selena Gomez Rare Beauty Soft Pinch Lip Oil. (Credit: Image: Getty)

The Rare Beauty lip oil offers an innovative formula, that is applied in a similar consistency to a lip jelly, but then melts into an oil on the lips for superior sheen.

It’s intensely nourishing, not sticky, and contains a pigment that stains the lips, so that you’re not walking around with bare lips once the gloss wears off.

It comes in a tube with a small doe foot applicator, making it easy to apply neatly to finicky places like the cupid’s bow and outer corners of the lips. The formula includes jojoba oil and sunflower seed oil, so that it not only looks beautiful, but also hydrates the lips the more you use it.

First Impressions Of The Rare Beauty Soft Pinch Lip Oil

After getting my hands on one of these little tubes, my first thought was, “this is going to sell out, if it hasn’t already”.

It applied effortlessly across the lips and quenched all the dry sections of my lips. I used the shade ‘Delight’ and applied it in a thin layer over the lips for a lighter wash of the tint. Before I could blink properly, it had transformed from a slightly more viscous, gel-like texture to a highly glistening oil.

Look at that glow! (Credit: Image: marie claire)

The effect was beautiful. It looked youthful, radiant and, I think, made my lips look plumper due to the excess shine. It’s a kind of juicy lustre that has kept me going back for more.

There is one thing to note about this product that may be divisive. It offers a sheer colour payoff on the first swipe, so if you’re looking for a really pigmented lip oil, this may not be the product for you.

A few more swipes does offer buildability as needed, however, we’d hazard a guess that this product was never designed to be a super amplified colour-bomb. Instead, it offers a beautiful and buildable ‘Soft Pinch’ of colour that provides tint and glow that lasts.

And yes, the tint does last. I actually tried applying the product with a lip brush at one point to sheer it out, placing the product on the back of my hand to load the brush. Low and behold, my hand was stained a gorgeous rosy shade for the rest of the day, even after washing my hands.

Of course, if you’re looking to boost the colour on the lips you could always go underneath the lip oil with a liner. Rare does some great ones, as does Makeup Forever.

What Colours Do The Rare Beauty Soft Pinch Lip Oils Come In?

All of the shades! (Credit: Image: Rare Beauty)

The Rare Beauty Lip Oils come in a range of gorgeous tones, including:

  • Serenity – a warm rose
  • Affection – a muted berry
  • Happy – a cool pink
  • Joy – a muted peach
  • Delight – a rose brown
  • Hope – a nude mauve
  • Wonder – a rose mauve
  • Honesty – a nude brown

Is The Rare Beauty Soft Pinch Tinted Lip Oil Worth It?

I tried the shade ‘Delight’. (Credit: Image: Rare Beauty)

Rare Beauty Soft Pinch Lip Oil in Delight, $35, Sephora

There’s no denying that at $35 for a tube, this lip oil is not exactly budget friendly. Yet, it’s also not outrageous when you consider the formula and that there is very little on the market that is comparable.

For this lip oil, you’re paying for that innovation, that gorgeous tint and the well-chosen colour palette. Essentially, the time and effort that’s made it as wonderful as it is.

It is also not the kind of product you’ll use up in one go, so that $35 can stretch a fair way. In my books, every beauty lover needs one of these powerhouse tubes. You can pick one up from Sephora here.

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