Teresa Palmer’s 5 Self-Care Hacks Are Surprisingly Simple And We Want In

The successful Aussie actress shares her well-earned self-care words of wisdom.

Teresa Palmer might be hanging out with Ryan Gosling at work  the internationally acclaimed Australian actress is currently filming ‘The Fall Guy’  but when she’s not on set she’s a podcaster, sustainability activist, business owner and mum of many who has to find ways to squeeze in her self-care like the rest of us.

Teresa’s led by her firm passion for the earth and the environment, a value she carries throughout her work and her downtime. Not only does she advocate her values through her own range of organic plant-based supplements, ‘Lovewell’, but in her new role with Clarins. “I was particularly drawn to Clarins’s passion for innovation built around plant-based science,” says Teresa. “I was particularly drawn to passion for innovation built around plant-based science,” says Teresa.

Here, Teresa shares her five non-negotiable self-care tips …

1. Fill your own cup first

Keeping it simple can be the best approach when you just don’t have enough hours in the day. “I know firsthand that self-care can be challenging to prioritise but I’m such a big believer in filling up our own cups in order to serve our children, significant others, work, friends etc,” says Teresa. “Self-care doesn’t have to be elaborate and time consuming and often it’s about finding those micro moments.”

Think: small self-care things that make you feel good, like choosing a favourite nutritious meal for lunch, stepping away from the screen to dance to a song that lifts your spirits, or even just taking 60 seconds to close your eyes and breathe deeply.

“My default way of being is to have a positive mindset,” says Teresa. (Credit: Clarins)

2. Slip into a restorative bath (with a vino)

When all else fails, just add water. “For me, my nightly bath is my self-care non-negotiable once the kids are in bed,” says Teresa.

teresa palmer bathtime routine
Run a bath, pour a wine and play your favourite podcast. And lock the bathroom door! (Credit: @teresapalmer)

Teresa folds her nightly [cleansing] skincare routine into this time while she lets the salts dissolve as the bath is running. “And put on my go-to true crime podcast!” Teresa reveals. “Sometimes a glass of vino to unwind doesn’t go astray!” Part of Teresa’s skincare routine includes, “The Clarins Extra-Firming Night cream,” which is, “Hands down my favourite. It’s literally the definition of beauty sleep!” says Teresa. “I have been using it in conjunction with the day cream and have visibly noticed a difference in the texture and plumpness of my skin. I’m currently filming in Sydney and I find that I really need a product that hydrates, to give my skin a lift, as heavy make-up and prosthetics play havoc with your skin!”

clarins extra firming cream
The Clarins Extra-Firming range is an ideal pro-ageing skincare regime for visibly firmer, rejuvenated skin. Combining extracts of Australian Kangaroo Flower and organic Mitracarpus—star firming ingredients—with organic Oat Sugars, Leaf of Life and other effective plant ingredients, the Extra-Firming range helps to promote a supple and firm complexion. (Credit: Clarins)

3. Remember your worth

Sometimes it can feel near impossible to switch off from external pressures and at times it may feel like you’re always to going to fall short of some unattainable ideal. To combat this, sometimes you need to reset and remind yourself of what you’ve already accomplished and what you truly value. “In the industry I’m in, it’s so easy to feel objectified and categorised by looking  or not looking  a certain way,” says Teresa. “However, with age comes wisdom and I’ve learnt to block out all the noise by only listening to my own voice, which affirms what I know; my body birthed four magical babies, it’s carried me through all of life’s adventures and it shows up for me day in day out.”

Teresa Palmer and Rachel Bilson
Teresa co-hosts @themotherdazepodcast with Sarah Wright Olsen, interviewing celebrity mums and non-celebs about motherhood. (Credit: @teresapalmer)

4. Use challenges as opportunities for growth

Fear of failure and facing hardship can shake you to your core, but when you approach these confronting moments as chances for growth, you can learn more than you ever could if life was smooth sailing. The growth that comes from this time ultimately raises your resilience. Teresa takes the perspective that, “Life is such a gift and challenges offer up an opportunity for growth. Of course, I have my moments. But when I lead with gratitude, love and compassion, life is able to flow with ease and everyday stressors seem manageable.” Key to her positive mindset is staying connected, “With other like-minded people who are interested in being uplifting sources to each other.”

Get Teresa’s glow here. A star ingredient in the Clarins Extra-Firming formula is grown and sourced in Australia — the Kangaroo Paw Flower. Clarins researchers found that the plant can be used to optimise the regenerative potential of the skin.
Get Teresa’s glow here. A star ingredient in the Clarins Extra-Firming formula is grown and sourced in Australia — the Kangaroo Paw Flower. Clarins researchers found that the plant can be used to optimise the regenerative potential of the skin. (Credit: Clarins)

5. Follow your passions and do what’s right for YOU

Doing what you believe in gives you strength. Ask yourself what truly matters to you, and if you need to make a change, ease into it gradually. Teresa is unapologetic about her own values that include living sustainably and living a plant-based lifestyle.  “Our whole family is plant based and it’s something we’re very passionate about. From my personal experience it’s best to start small, implement changes one or two at a time so it doesn’t feel overwhelming. And I think it’s really important to note there’s no right or wrong, experiment with what feels good for you and your lifestyle and curate it around that.” Whatever your values are – they’re valid for you.

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