Timothée Chalamet Announced As The New Face Of Bleu De Chanel


Chanel has announced actor (and hearthrob!) Timothée Chalamet as the new ambassador for their men’s fragrance, Bleu De Chanel. 

Since his catapult to stardom, and his revelatory performance in Call Me By Your Name, the French-American actor has gained a distinguished reputation globally for his innate talent and unapologetic charm.

His strong sense of self and willingness to break boundaries lends perfectly to the new slightly-edgier chapter for Bleu De Chanel. The exquisite collaboration is his first with Chanel and any fashion or beauty label, for that matter. Timothée reveals the everyday inspirations and pivotal moments that have lead him to here.. 

Chanel has a celebrated, layered history of being a disruptive leader in fashion and beauty. What elements of the brand speak to your own sensibilities?

Timothée Chalamet: There’s a subtle assertiveness with Chanel that’s not in your face in the most refined, chic way. This made me feel great about working with the brand. There is also a level of confidence, respect and timelessness regarding the creative leaders and everyone associated with the brand, both past and present. 

Timothée Chalamet is the new face of Bleu De Chanel. (Credit: Supplied)

The ethos of Bleu De Chanel is firmly rooted in the state of becoming someone who does not limit themselves to the ordinary boundaries life sets and looks beyond what is visible to evolve. Does this resonate with your own path or ideology?

TC: To me, the idea of becoming revolves around a continued aspiration to be self-possessed. There’s a power to living as your most authentic, best self and manifesting what you want in and out of your life or even for a particular afternoon—a micro-manifestation.

Is there a memory of fragrance that sticks out to you from your childhood?

TC: Growing up, my sister danced at Rosella Hightower dance school in Mougins, South of France. Once, our mom took us to a perfumery in Grasse. I loved the experience, and I got a cedarwood-scented room spray to bring back to my bedroom. I accidentally sprayed it on my clothes, and the smell was overwhelming. Yet, I remember very vividly feeling at the time that it was a creative expression to curate the scent of my room. That felt very French and nostalgic.

Timothée spent part of his youth in France. (Credit: Getty Images)

Chanel’s in-house perfumer Olivier Polge speaks often of the idea of making the invisible visible.

TC: That’s a great way to put it. There’s an element of considered intention within the very ritual of putting on fragrance before you run out the door. When you spray Bleu De Chanel it’s kind of an immediate act of instant deliberate assertion of one’s self.

Where do you typically tend to find inspiration?

TC: I’m trying to be more open-ended about it. Traditionally it came from music. But now it can be anything. The benefit of the experience of getting a little bit older and more mature is you can gather inspiration and ideas from experience and the people you look up to around you. When you’re younger, you’re looking at the media markers and what is commodified, presented, or given to you as what is meant to be excellent. As you age, you want to find more personalised, bona fide sources to draw from. 

Chalamet is a favourite among designers and fashion trend-setters. (Credit: Getty Images)

The Bleu De Chanel campaign starring Timothée Chalamet, shot by Mario Sorrenti will be released in June 2023, followed by the release of the campaign film, directed by Martin Scorsese later this year. 

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