Fendi Launches ‘Friends Of Fendi’ Collection, With Stefano Pilati At The Helm

“He is a friend, an inspiration, and a designer for modern times.”

Fendi has launched its latest ‘Friends of Fendi’ collection, with designer Stefano Pilati at the helm.

‘Friends of Fendi’ is the brainchild of the brand’s artistic director, Kim Jones, and Silvia Fenturini Fendi, tasking a series of creatives with exploring the Fendi identity through their own unique lens. According to the brand, the resulting collaborations should “cross the ‘party lines’ of the fashion industry’…with a true notion of friendship at their heart.”

(Credit: Image: Fendi)

Pilati, a Milanese designer, brings his three decades of experience in the fashion industry to Fendi’s Winter 23/24 collection, having spent time at Armani, Yves Saint Laurent, Prada and Ermenegildo Zegna throughout his career.

“Stefano is one of the designers I admire the most. I was always in love with his work, and he is somebody I look up to – he has been an inspiration for what I do. Stefano epitomises Friends of Fendi: He is a friend, an inspiration, and a designer for modern times, always looking to the future, asking questions and proffering solutions,” Kim Jones said.

(Credit: Image; Fendi)

The Winter 23/24 collection, which launches globally today, explores a sense of duality, where traditionally masculine markers, like rigorous tailoring, are merged with softer, feminine features. The result? Men’s tailoring worn with silk camisoles, unisex kitten heels and ballerina flats, and versatile silhouettes worn by both genders. 

(Credit: Image; Fendi)

Personifying this dual expression is the figure of the 1920’s ‘flapper’, a marker of daring freedom of her time. Here, Pilati reimagines this figure and elements of her dress in the present day, as a subversive icon and a means to break the rules of both mens and womenswear. 

The FRIENDS OF FENDI: Stefano Pilati, Fendi Winter 23-24’ Collection is available globally in-store and online now. 

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