We Need To Talk About Gwyneth Paltrow’s Perfectly Apt Courtroom Wardrobe

The definition of après ski chic.
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Like the rest of the world, we couldn’t stop watching Gwyneth Paltrow’s ski accident trial. 

From the initial allegations of Paltrow being an “out of control” skier to the series of bizarre moments being played out in the courtroom (treats for the bailiffs? An interrogation over Paltrow’s friendship with Taylor Swift?), there were plenty of reasons why we got invested in this case. 

But perhaps none more so than Paltrow’s court room wardrobe, which was the very definition of quiet luxury.

In her neutral tones and soft fabrics, Paltrow breezed through the Utah courtroom with an air of confidence and ease. 

Whether we were all too distracted by her most recent mind-blowing wellness claims to notice her most recent wardrobe choices, or if Paltrow really did have a fashion comeback in the courtroom, her latest looks taught us all a lesson in courthouse couture.  

For the first day of her trial, Paltrow donned a long olive green coat, which she wore over a soft-cream turtleneck, brown trousers and lace-up Celine boots.

The actress-turned wellness blogger also brought a large Smythson notepad (worth US$250 or approx AU$375), which she used to cover her face from the cameras when leaving the courtroom. 

Gwyneth Paltrow and her Symthson notepad. (Credit: Getty)

Day two of the trial saw Paltrow embody après ski-chic in a cream G. Label by Goop belted cardigan, brown leather tote bag and layers of gold Foundrae jewellery. We love a bit of court room product placement.

Day two of Paltrow’s trial. (Credit: Getty)

Paltrow went business chic on day three, modelling a soft grey suit, gold jewellery and of course, her own glass Mountain Valley water bottle. 

Paltrow enters the Utah court room. (Credit: Getty)

When it was time to for Paltrow to take to the stand, Paltrow kept it understated but strong, with an all-black head-to-toe Prada ensemble consisting of a long navy skirt, black long-sleeved polo shirt and chunky black lug-sole boots. 

Paltrow’s all-black court room ensemble. (Credit: Getty)

Paltrow also didn’t hold back from experimenting with eyewear, gaining attention across the Internet for her choice of 1980s aviator specs that weren’t too dissimilar to the iconic pair worn by serial killer Jeffery Dahmer

Given that Paltrow was being sued by a retired optometrist (who would be very familiar with the iconic 80s frames), we’re wondering if the glasses were a little power move on her part?

If that is the case then Paltrow certainly wouldn’t be the first celebrity to do so. 

Just look at Winona Ryder, who arrived at the court room in a Marc Jacobs dress when she was being trialled for allegedly shop lifting clothing from the same designer. 

Paltrow in 1980s aviator style glasses. (Credit: Getty)

Gwyneth did not hold back when it came to her final day in the court room either.

Gwyneth on her final day of court. (Credit: Image: Getty)

The actress rocked up to her final day at court dressed to impress. Paltrow wore a luxurious double-breasted navy Ralph Lauren blazer over a pinstriped collared shirt, buttoned all the way up. She paired the business attire with a more relaxed khaki pant.

After the week long fashion show, sorry, trial, Paltrow was found not liable for the ski accident at Utah’s Deer Valley Resort in 2016, and was awarded her symbolic $1 that she sought in her countersuit. 

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