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Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour Almost Confirmed To Come To Australia, After Leaked Booking

We’re all too [un]well with sheer excitement.
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Will Taylor Swift ever bring her Eras Tour to Australia? There’s no doubt that Australian Swifties have been waiting “right [where] she [left] us” since the Reputation tour back in 2018.

We’ve been making our friendship bracelets and waiting to scream “Let’s Go B*tch” in ‘Delicate’ for longer than we’d like to admit. Now, it looks like we finally have an answer.

Let us not forget that fans have enjoyed four new albums since 2018 (LoverFolkloreEvermore and Midnights), along with her re-records, so it’s about time that ‘Blondie’ made her way back Down Under.

Now, we may finally have an imminent announcement of the Taylor Swift Eras Tour Australia dates.

Celebrity gossip site DeuxMoi dropped a spicy tidbit that made all Aussie fans “need to calm down”.

Taylor Swift performing ‘Enchanted’ at the Eras Tour, Glendale, Arizona. (Credit: Image: Getty)

The tip off from an unknown source suggested that while we don’t have an official announcement yet, the tour is being planned in Australia. “Dates have been booked for Taylor at the MCG in Melbourne, Aus. So, she’s definitely coming to Australia!” it read.

As yet, we’ve had no confirmation that her world tour would take her as far as this Great Southern Land, so it’s encouraging to see that there are whispers of stadiums being booked.

It’s impossible to know who exactly the DeuxMoi informant was, but it is the first update we’ve had on the ‘international’ part of her tour, pertaining to Australia. The next big question, will Joe Alwyn be joining the singer in sunny Australia? TBC!

Swift shared the Eras Tour announcement with fans back in November 2022, “I’m enchanted to announce my next tour: Taylor Swift | The Eras Tour, a journey through the musical eras of my career (past & present!).

“The first leg of the tour will be in stadiums across the US, with international dates to be announced as soon as we can!”

Taylor is likely already planning the international tour, even if it has not been announced. (Credit: Image: Getty)

Swift kicked off her tour in Glendale, Arizona, on 18th March 2023, with the city temporarily renamed ‘Swift City’ in honour of the singer’s presence.

She will continue to tour the US, all the way through to Los Angeles, on 8 May 2022.

When Will Taylor Swift Be Coming To Australia?

We cannot wait for Taylor to reach Australia. (Credit: Image: Getty)

While we don’t have any official date announcements, fans have begun to hazard a guess, based on her tour progress in previous years.

Swift toured Europe, Asia and Oceania (a.k.a. Australia and New Zealand) in every single ‘World Tour’ since Fearless, so there’s a very good chance she’ll make it to Australia. However, the order she toured these regions in has differed from tour to tour, so there’s no way we can be sure what country she’ll choose first.

We took a snoop back through other large tours she’s completed—including ReputationRed and Speak Now—and usually she takes around a month in each region. If we assume that she does Oceania last, it could be as late as August when the singer is in the country.

Of course, that involves a lot of conjecture, and we will need to wait for an announcement from the singer herself to be sure of when she’s coming.

There’s no doubt that it will be worth the wait though, just to hear the singer say, “Hi, I’m Taylor” before diving head first into the show opener ‘Miss Americana & The Heartbreak Prince’.

This article originally appeared on Elle Australia and is republished here with permission.

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