Louis Vuitton’s New GO-14 Bag Is Already A Celebrity Favourite

With GO-14, Louis Vuitton reminds us of the magic of travel.

For the romantics among us, fashion and travel are inextricably linked. Both have the power to change us, whether it’s finding yourself in a far-flung country or slipping on a borrowed coat for the evening. And no brand today understands this transformative relationship better than Louis Vuitton.

In the 1800s, when Monsieur Louis Vuitton was designing custom travel trunks for the Parisian elite, it was his quality craftsmanship and attention to the needs of travellers that kept clients returning to his atelier. In 2023, women’s artistic director Nicolas Ghesquière has taken the spirit of LV’s historical trunk-making and reimagined it for the house’s newest bag: the GO-14.

The GO-14 is Louis Vuitton’s newest leather good offering. (Credit: Louis Vuitton)

The GO-14 is unique among LV’s leather goods offering for the criss-crossing pattern – a.k.a. the malletage — across the soft lambskin leather, a tricky artistic process involving more than 20 different steps. Malletage first appeared on the Louis Vuitton runway in October 2014 (hence the coded name), but is in fact a throwback to the spirit of trunk-making itself, when travellers would tuck their documents inside the cross-cross straps of their LV trunks for safe-keeping. With GO-14, Ghesquière is turning the design inside out.

“There are some universal codes that exist solely in Louis Vuitton,” Ghesquière said. “It was about reappropriating and transposing them into a new setting.”

The GO-14’s malletage involves more than 20 different steps. (Credit: Louis Vuitton)

Each bag is accented with the now iconic golden LV Twist lock. It comes in both stark black and white as well as more caramel, toasted shades to ensure the utmost in versatility, a theme that continues with how each person carries it. We’re taking style notes from the celebrities (and house friends) who have already been spotted carrying the bag: wear it cross-body à la Cate Blanchett for a more casual look, or use the top handle à la Emma Stone for a more sophisticated evening affair.

Cate Blanchett wears the GO-14 bag in white. (Credit: Louis Vuitton)
Emma Stone carries the GO-14 bag in black. (Credit: Louis Vuitton.)

The GO-14 is both a commencement and a culmination, taking notes from the past and bringing them into 2023. A journey through time, if you will. And there’s nothing more Louis Vuitton than that.

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