The Regencycore Revival: How To Wear The 1800s Aesthetic In 2024

But how will Regencycore 3.0 compare?
Regency dressing.

Dearest readers, it goes without saying but the beloved historical romance-drama Bridgerton certainly has a chokehold over the cultural zeitgeist.

From our regal inspired vernacular to our penchant for promenading, there’s no doubt the cult series is influencing mainstream ideals.

Of course, this is most apparent in the increase of Regency-era apparel.

With Regencycore being the talk of the ton since the first series was released, we’ve slowly but surely seen 1800s-era dressing make its way into the mainstream.

However, with the resurgence of more recent trends like indie sleaze, balletcore and quiet luxury, we’ve forgotten the appeal of more romantic and idealistic aesthetics like cottagecore and regencycore.

Now, thanks to the timely release of the highly-anticipated third season of Bridgerton, we’ve already seen the rise of Georgian, Regency, Victorian style make a comeback and cement itself as a staple.


Chloe Sevigny
Chloë Sevigny (Getty)

From red carpets to runways, the tropes of regencycore have become less synonymous with 19th century inspired fashion to the style du jour.

At fashion’s night of nights, the 2024 Met Gala, Chloë Sevigny showcased that corsets aren’t just reserved for history’s upper echelon.

On other occasions, our favourite SoCal supermodels Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid have also highlighted the versatility of opera gloves. Because who said that the Bridgerton and Featherington sisters had to have all the fun?

(Credit: Source: Getty)

Dress gloves also appeared in Fendi’s Fall/Winter 2022 collection, with a pastel colour palette and lettuce-edge finishes the perfect, contemporary counterpart to this period trope.

(Credit: Source: Getty)

In fact, Gen-Z’s preferred fashion resale platform, Depop, saw an 85% increase in searches for ‘Opera Gloves’ in the UK after the second season of Bridgerton was released. But don’t just take cues from the celebrity style set.

Dressed donned by Bridgerton leading ladies, including season two’s Kate and Edwina Sharma, along with Daphne Bridgerton and Penelope Featherington, lead to an +146% surge in fashion demand for floral print dresses after the release of season two according to Love The Sales.

The e-commerce platform also charted an increase in military blazers by 89% and waistcoats by 77%. We’re booking an appointment with the modiste as we speak.

(Credit: Source: Getty)

The first wave of regencycore of saw puffed-sleeves, cinched waistlines and billowing skirts increase in popularity—which makes sense considering the pandemic’s influence over slouchy and comfortable silhouettes.

However, with fashion’s shift towards genderless fashion, we’ve seen codes of both regency inspired menswear and womenswear intersect.

Corsets, waistcoats and even riding boots are no longer a sign of one’s gender (or social stature). We’re reviving the aesthetic with contemporary ideals for a new take on 19th century fashion.

Regencycore’s aesthetic is also a large part of the commentary around society’s fixation with nostalgia and vintage inspired style.

Although we’re unsure whether we’ll be attending a grand ball or receiving our copy of Lady Whistledown any time soon, keep scrolling below for marie claire’s edit of our favourite regencycore pieces below.

The Best Bridgerton-Inspired Clothing 

Corset top House of CB


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With its cinched waist, delicate floral print and flattering neckline, this elegant corset top will fit into any garden party.

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Senso Zandar II Boots

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If the latest season of Bridgerton has made you realise you need a pair of riding boots in your wardrobe then don’t look past this stylish dark brown pair from Senso.

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Varda Tulle And Satin Dress


Lover Varda Tulle And Satin Dress

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This dreamy pink tulle and satin dress will make anyone feel like a duchess.

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opera gloves


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