The 4 Biggest Hair Cut & Colour Trends For 2023, According To The Experts

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Spring is officially on its way and this means we’re starting to think about refreshing our homes, wardrobes and most importantly, our hair. 

When it comes to hair, styles change rapidly and it’s easy to end up in your hair stylist’s chair without a clue of what you actually want your hair to look like. 

While the best hairstyles are always going to be the ones that feel and look like you, it can help to have an idea of what styles are currently trending. 

For this reason, we asked the L’Oreal Colour Trophy Finalists for their insight into the styles of the season

The Biggest Hair Trends For Spring 2023 

Lived-In Styles 

Jennifer aniston
Jennifer Aniston’s dirty blonde hair is coming back into style. (Credit: Getty)

When it comes to colour, our hairstylists agree that lived-in shades are coming back. Think: Jennifer Aniston level dirty blonde

“I think we’re going to see more lived-in colours,” says Rose Cain from Head Studio. 

“More lived-in blondes, more lived-in coppers and even our darker colours are starting to be that little more lived-in and not so poppy. More blended and melted together.” 

Circles Of Hair’s Alicia Perruzza is in agreement. 

“I feel like everyone is going for more lived in styles,” she says, “I find in the salon that we’re doing a lot of low-lighting, a lot of really relaxed styles, lots of fringes, lots of layering. That really kind of effortless lived-in hair.”


Riley Keough
Riley Keough has the perfect shade of copper. (Credit: Getty)

If you’re after a more dramatic change then you might consider copper

Chanel Bek from Kokon Blaq says, “Coppers are huge for this summer but it will be more muted, so not as bright as what we have been seeing.” 


Hailey Bieber bob spring 2023
Hailey Bieber models the it-girl bob. (Credit: Getty)

It might not come as a surprise that bobs are also in vogue. 

Kate Clark from Ink For Hair, says, “Bobs are always strong. I think soft textures with a sharp shape is where things are starting to go.” 

If you need modern bob inspiration then you only have to look to Hailey Bieber and Zendaya’s recent chops. 


Margot Robbie’s soft (Credit: Getty)

This spring and summer will also see softer tones and styles dominate. 

Amy Gaudie from Urban Chic say, “Anything that is soft and muted in its tone so if you’re a brunette, it has soft reflex to it, coppers, multi-tonal and things. Softness in colour is where we’re going to be heading.”

Think old Hollywood romance and gentle waves. 

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