How Much Carrie’s Iconic Tutu In Sex And The City Cost Will Surprise You

Not quite as glamorous as you were expecting...

Sex And The City produced that many iconic looks that we really couldn’t count them all (although we have picked some of our favourites here), but there’s ultimately one that comes to most people’s minds first and foremost: the tutu.

The pretty pink tutu that Carrie Bradshaw (played by Sarah Jessica parker) is wearing in the opening credits of the beloved show has become one of the most iconic looks not only from the show but in television history – and the story behind it is much less glamorous than so many of the show’s designer looks. 

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Sarah Jessica Parker
(Credit: HBO)

It turns out costume designer Patricia Field actually found the skirt in a showroom bin and it cost a mere 5 bucks.

Speaking to Women’s Wear Daily, Field revealed that the show’s producers took some convincing, but luckily they ultimately trusted her vision.

SJP also recently opened up about the iconic look (which she recreated in the first Sex and the City movie), saying she was “thrilled” the producers agreed to it.

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Sarah Jessica Parker
(Credit: Warner Bros.)

“We talked a lot about what this should be — thrilled that was the decision we made,” she told People. “I would never wear it myself personally, but it’s spot on.”

Field, also a designer, sells replicas of the skirt on her website for $US140.

But if you ask us now that we know this you might as well just head to your local Vinnies or $2 shop and try your luck…

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