The 14 Bridal Trends Set To Dominate 2021

From the gown to the table settings

Though the big wedding may seem like a distant memory in 2020, brides around the country aren’t giving up on the dream altogether. Adapting to the new normal, this year’s chaos has had a significant impact on the way we choose to wed, setting a new tone for 2021.

With the arrival of her debut bridal collection, we’ve tapped Rebecca Vallance, founder of her namesake brand, to give us the lowdown on how bridal fashion has been thrown upside down in 2021.

“It’s been heart-warming to watch everyone pivot and adjust and continue to celebrate beautiful moments of love in a safe and different format,” says the designer. “Our experience was very interesting, it’s always a little nerve-wracking launching something completely new and different, but the more I thought about it, the more it felt like this collection was exactly what a 2020 bride needs right now—simple, elegant, luxurious dresses at a thoughtful price point.”

And through it all, we’ve seen couples get creative with their nuptials, and do away with all of the frills to embrace the day for what it is: a celebration!

So, with that in mind, these are the bridal trends we’re tipping to be huge this upcoming year, from the gown and bridesmaids dresses to the décor and flower arrangements. 

Bridal Gown Trends 2021

Arguably the main event for many of us, gowns are usually where we see the most changes happening year-on-year. But this year, all trends seem to embrace individuality and bold statements that aren’t too fussy. It’s all about fun and ease in 2021.


According to Vallance, we can expect versatility to be a major selling point for bridal gowns come 2021. “Brides are opting for chic and flattering silhouettes, an understated elegance that results in a dress which can be worn on more than one occasion, rather than living in storage for years to come,” she says. 

With this shift, Vallance says we can expect a continuation of off-whites and neutral tones to dominate, as well as an increased demand in “high quality, luxe dresses which are designed to last a lifetime.”

“Weddings can be quite an investment and I think that purchasing a dress you know you can wear again makes that investment feel more worthwhile,” she adds.

Bold Colour

“I think we’ll see splashes of pink accents. You can never go wrong with a soft colour scheme,” says Vallance, adding that “it doesn’t take away from the bride but it adds beautiful, feminine touch-points throughout the day and experience.”

We’re big fans of unconventionally-coloured weddings dresses and with 2020 being such a gloomy affair for many, we’re hoping to see lots of bright aisle moments taking place in the new year.

And, while vibrant hues may not be everyone’s cup of tea, the key to making them classic is all in the silhouette. Unlike day-to-day dressing where we recommend keeping shapes and fits simple when playing around with colour, for your big day, we say: go big or go home. Opt for a show-stopping shape that keeps the look fun and light. 


Maybe it’s from being cooped up too long, but the backless trend has been all over our wishlists lately, and we’re predicting that it’s going to be a reigning trend for wedding gowns, particularly for brides getting hitched in the summer or spring.

For the brides daring to bare, we suggest opting for a full-length dress that doesn’t distract from the main event.

Shirred And Smocked Detailing

We saw the cottagecore trend take flight this year, but it’s certainly having an influence on bridal trends, with shirred and smocking details becoming a sought-after style in both bridal and bridesmaids dresses.

The best part? It does wonders to flatter but the flexible elastic allows you to freely mingle and dance without being held down by tight fabric—a win, in our books. 

The Non-Dress

It goes without saying that a dress just isn’t for everyone. And even those who always pictured themselves wearing a Princess Diana-style monument have found that a tailored two-piece suit or even a more unique silky number like this Michael Lo Sordo one are more suited to their style. 

And luckily, a host of designers are starting to get on board with the non-dress trend and creating stunning alternatives for those who prefer to wear the pants. 

Statement Straps

Whether it’s barely-there or the focal point, straps are going to take centre stage this coming year.

We’re particularly loving the chunky tie-up styles as well as the ’00s-esque spaghetti strap versions that add a whimsical touch to even the most classic of silhouettes. 

Square Necklines 

Forget sweetheart and scoop, 2021 will be all about square necklines.

As we’ve seen in the fashion trend cycle, straight, minimalist necklines are an instant way to dress up an outfit, and can be just as flattering as the deeper-cut options.

The simplicity of this elegant shape means it can be worn with just about any shape or dress length, too. 

Bridal Accessory Trends 2021

You’d be forgiven for wanting to keep your accessories low-keyespecially if you’ve splashed out on a gownsince it’s a common mistake that they can steal the limelight. We’re here to bust this age-old myth and tell you that not only can bold accessories peacefully coexist with the rest of your look, but it can compliment and even elevate an entire bridal look.

High Impact Headwear

Understated looks certainly have their place, but statement headwear is an exciting addition to any outfit.

Between all the options out there, the world is your oyster, but we’re loving the new classics like chunky headbands and embroidered veils. 

The golden rule with these accessories is to keep your makeup and hair looks relatively classic. Nothing suits a headpiece more than a chic, slicked bun à la Miranda Kerr.

Pearls Everywhere

Pearls have been the reigning accessory trend this year, and so of course they’ll be popping up everywhere in the bridal sphere.

Look out for pearl-encrusted stilettos and hair accessories that inject a bit of old-school Hollywood glamour.  

Non-traditional Footwear

Whether you can see them when you’re walking down the aisle or not, ‘maximalist’ heels are going to be massive in 2021with many brides using footwear as a way to bring some individuality to their otherwise neutral looks.

Bridesmaid Dress Trends 2021

Darker Tones

Something that we’re definitely going to be seeing more of in 2021 are darker colours for the bride and groom parties. 

To make sure the looks are more classic than risque or even boring, Vallance has created silhouettes that are flattering and have thoughtful touches like bow details and frilled hems that keep them interesting, all while not stealing any attention. 


Traditionally thought to be a bit of taboo when it comes to bridesmaids dresses, prints are slowly gaining traction as a way to introduce some fun into the mix.

Even better, having each bridesmaid in a different dress has also become the go-to move of the fashion crowd—just look at how chic Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen looked at their pal’s nuptials.  

Wedding Décor Trends 2021

“All the individual elements of a wedding play a part in the overall atmosphere on the big day,” says Vallance. “With the ongoing travel restrictions I think we’ll see more and more brides getting creative with venues, backdrops and florals.”


“I love flowers that make an impact, anything sophisticated, minimalist and modern in pastel tones,” says the designer. 

As lockdown had many of us turning to amateur floristry as a way to kill the time and embellish our spaces, we saw poppies explode on our Instagram feeds and we trust that they’ll be a regular centrepiece for weddings next year, too.

Easy Does It

One element where we will see less meticulous curation will be tables and decorations.

Coming out of lockdown, there’s been an embrace of the vintage, mismatched and kitschy glassware and crockery, making for fun (but still chic) tablescapes that guests won’t be afraid to spill a little champagne on.

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