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It Looks Like Our Prayers Have Been Answered And ’13 Reasons Why’ Has A Second Season

The writers' room is up and running.

In the best news we’ve heard all day, apparently 13 Reasons Why is set to return for a second season. 

The show has been so popular – potentially the most talked about Netflix Original series to date – that, according to The Hollywood Reporter, the writers’ room is already up and running for a follow-up season. 

While it hasn’t yet officially been picked up by Netflix (we’ll be sure to tell you when that happens), there are a few other hints that confirm our suspicions. 

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Firstly, Ross Butler (who plays jock Zach Dempsey on the show) has departed from his other series Riverdale due to “commitments to other projects.” Mysterious and very encouraging.

Secondly, a whole bunch of the stars and creator have said they hope the series continues.

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Dylan Minnette (Clay Jensen), Ross Butler and Justin Prentice (Bryce Walker) each told Entertainment Weekly they’re up for round two, and the original book’s author, Jay Asher, agreed.

But not everyone is hoping for Netflix to renew the show. A number of fans think a second season would just wreck everything – you know, like Sex and the City 2 – as it was centered around Hannah Baker whose story has pretty much come full circle.

Plus, with all of the controversy surrounding season 1 and whether such graphic rape and suicide scenes should be on TV at all (let alone to a young audience), it’s no wonder Netflix is taking its time considering officially announcing the show’s renewal. 

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