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Disturbing New Details Of Belle Gibson Faking A Seizure Have Come To Light

It happened at her four-year-old’s birthday party
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An eye-opening extract from a new book about disgraced wellness blogger Belle Gibson describes the time she faked a violent seizure in front of her four-year-old son and his kindergarten friends while at his birthday party.

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The book, The Woman Who Fooled The World, written by the journalists who first uncovered her widespread deceit, goes on sale today, and have published the extract.

“It was scary,” one of her friends, who was present at the party, describes. “It was so violent, the adults were crying.”

After Gibson fell to the floor and started violently convulsing, someone pulled out their phone to call an ambulance. Then Gibson’s seizure stopped long enough for her to explain that it had happened before and there was no need to phone for medical help. Then it started up again – and lasted 40 minutes.

“Someone said Gibson didn’t like getting hospitals involved,” the extract reads. “’It was, ‘No, no, no, this has happened before, everything’s going to be all right, she’ll get through it.’”

Two weeks later, Gibson informed her social media community that she had been diagnosed with multiple other cancers in addition to her brain cancer. Of course, it was all a lie.

Gibson was fined $410,000 by the Federal Court in September 2017.

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