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Hotel Manager Describes Cassandra Sainsbury’s “Strange” Behaviour

She says the 22-year-old rarely left her hotel room.

In the days leading up to her arrest Cassandra Sainsbury’s behaviour was out of the ordinary, says the manager of the Bogota hotel where the 22-year-old spent her final nights of freedom.

Upon attempting to fly back to Australia via London, Cassandra was found with 5.8kgs of cocaine in her suitcase, which she is saying was planted there without her knowledge.

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However, Ingrid Hernandez says the former personal trainer from Adelaide drew attention from hotel staff with her strange behaviour. 

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“I thought it was strange that she didn’t go out like most visitors do,” she told 9News

“She stayed with us from the 3rd to the 12th of April, oddly she told me she might not spend all of those nights in the hotel, and then she did.”

“She was alone most of the time in her room. I remember once she went and brought McDonalds back to eat,” Hernandez told The Daily Telegraph. She also noted that Cassandra arrived without a reservation and paid for her accommodation two days at a time. 

Ms Hernandez says Cassandra’s only visitor at the hotel was a “well-dressed Colombian man”, who is thought to be the person accused of tricking Cassie into packing drugs into her suitcase.

“Normal height, normal build. He could have been in his late 20s, 30s. He had short brown gelled hair,” she said.

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