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Chilling CCTV Footage Emerges Of Jogger Moments Before She Was Murdered

Karina Vetrano was running in broad daylight when she was assaulted and strangled to death

Over a month since Karina Vetrano was found dead near her home in Queens, New York on August 2, chilling footage from moments before her death has emerged.

In the footage, released by Crime Watch Daily, the 30-year-old can be clearly seen jogging on the street in broad daylight.

Police are hopeful that the footage will spark someone who might have information on the crime to come forward.

Vetrano’s father Phillip has also revealed that police are currently searching for a man who used to jog “four or five days a week” on the same trail as Katrina.

“This is a very important lead,” he said in an interview with The Drive at Five with Curtis Sliwa.

“I would see him almost every day and now he’s dropped off the face of the earth,” he said. “It’s very important that we speak to him, because he might have seen something.”

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It was her father who alerted police to his daughter’s disappearance in August 2 when she failed to return home from her run.

She ran the same route almost everyday near their home in Howard Beach, Queens, usually with her father, but that day he stayed home due to a sore back, reports the NY Times.

He urged her not to take this route, which cut through a secluded path without him there, but she reassured him she would be fine.  

When she didn’t return home on time, her retired firefighter father knew something was wrong. Calling a neighbor who was the local police commander, they began a desperate search.

Using phone signals to narrow the search, it was her own father who discovered her lifeless body, face down, with her clothes partially removed, in tall grass alongside an emergency trail a way off the running track. 

Her father has since set up a GoFUndMe page in the hopes of raising money for a reward for information on his daughter’s killer.

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