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Top Podcast ‘Dirty John’ Is Being Made Into A TV Series

Starring Eric Bana and Connie Britton

If you binged true-crime podcast Dirty John, you’ll be happy to know the haunting tale will be making its way to the small screen next month, with Eric Bana portraying shady anaesthesiologist John Meehan.

Bana drops his Australian accent for an American one as he plays the charismatic and enigmatic John Meehan in Bravo’s new series, with the television network releasing the series’ (warning: very scary) trailer yesterday.

Based on Los Angeles Times reporter Chris Goffard’s news stories and his wildly popular podcast of the same name, season one will focus on the twisted tale of romance, deceit manipulation and family survival.

The show, written and executive produced by Alexandra Cunningham (Chance, Desperate Housewives), tells the story of Meehan’s relationship with Debra Newell, played by Nashville’s Connie Britton, a successful interior designer looking for love after multiple failed marriages. 

Enter Meehan, the too-good-to-be-true, smart, buff six-foot-two bachelor.

The pair meet on a dating site and the connection is instant, with Meehan showering Debra in praise, doting over her and within days becoming inseparable from each other. But Debra’s daughters, played by Julia Garner and Juno Temple, soon realise that not everything is as it seems with Meehan.

Juno Temple

As they delve deeper into John’s past, a terrifying criminal record surfaces. John is not the man Debra—or many other women – believed he was. 

To get up to speed with the critically acclaimed podcast, binge all six episodes of Dirty John on iTunes or at the Los Angeles Times here

The series will premiere November 25, and will consist of eight hour-long episodes. 

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