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How To Support The Women’s Strike If You Can’t Strike

Because not everyone can strike

Millions marched in support of women’s rights on January 21…. but that was just the beginning.

This Wednesday – International Women’s Day – the organisers of the marches have called upon around the world to strike.

What does a strike involve?

The strike has been dubbed a “day without women” and organisers are calling on women to down tools and not carry out any work of any kind – paid or unpaid – or spend any money.

What if I’m not in position to strike? Can I still support the day?

Yes, you can wear in red in solidarity with those striking. You can also avoid spending any money – so the world can appreciate what happens when women don’t participate.

What’s the purpose?

To recognise the “enormous value that women of all backgrounds add to our socio-economic system – while receiving lower wags and greater inequalities”.

In an article in The Guardian, the organisers of the marches wrote “the women’s marches of 21 January have shown that… a new feminist movement may be in the making. It is important not to lose momentum”.

Organisers want the strike to represent all women – the 99 per cent. They have cited global movements like the women’s strike in Poland against the abortion ban, and marches in Latin America against male violence as inspiration.

How can I find out more?


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