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How The Bachelorette’s Jamie-Lee Dayz Has Convinced Australia She’s In For The Win

She's been one of the show's most talked about contestants.

From the moment we laid eyes on the first Bachelorette 2021 contestant, Jamie-Lee Dayz, our memories were put to the ultimate test. 

Why, you ask? Well, Jamie-Lee’s face was suspiciously familiar to long-time fans of the infamous television franchise—she’d actually been on The Bachelor before. 

If that wasn’t enough to make her stand out, the plot thickened when it was revealed the 30-year-old had starred in the very same season that this year’s BacheloretteBrooke Blurton had. 

Yep, we had ourselves quite the reunion ahead of us—and what a reunion that’s turned out to be. 

(Credit: Network Ten)

During their first meeting, Jamie-Lee was open and honest with Brooke about their time together during Nick Cummins’ 2018 season. 

“There were so many times in the mansion where I would want to sneak over to your bed, but I just didn’t know,” Jamie-Lee explained of that experience.

“It was scary because if I had put my feelings out there and you ended up with Nick, then I would’ve lost you as a friend.”

Then, the words Jamie-Lee had been hoping to hear: “I’m going to be honest with you, I had feelings for you in the house. Just know that,” Brooke replied.

Calling the encounter a “sliding doors moment” between the two, this year’s bachelorette explained she didn’t act on it at the time because she was “there obviously for Nick”.

But this year, no barrier could get in the way of the pair as they grew closer throughout the season. 

When Jamie-Lee and Brooke went on a single date and together managed to break a world record for the longest television kiss—five minutes to be exact—their connection was sealed. We were all-but convinced they’d ride off into the sunset after the show’s finale. 

(Credit: Network Ten)

But then, scandal hit the mansion. 

Jamie-Lee got caught up in a “cheating” accusation when contestant Kurt let slip a detail about another mansion-inhabitant, Ryan.

“He’s told me he’s here for Brooke, but he’s also been spending a lot of time with Jamie-Lee and so questions have been raised around that relationship,” Kurt blurted out to a human lie-detector in one episode.

He also reiterated that Jamie-Lee likely wasn’t aware of the situation and probably assumed they were simply good friends.

After telling Jamie-Lee about his confession, she immediately went into damage control. 

Between tears, she told Brooke in the same episode: “If you think that anyone in there, in my eyes, compares to you, then that is so wrong. I am here for you Brooke.”

“I wouldn’t have stopped my life… I’m not some stupid girl that’s going to go for anyone. I am here for you.”

Luckily, Brooke seemed to take her word for it. Unsurprisingly she sent Ryan home, but Jamie-Lee stayed—and she made it to the final three.

As for whether she’ll be the one who takes home the final rose is anyone’s guess—but there’s no denying the Brooke and Jamie-Lee’s chemistry. 

Below, we look at everything else you need to know about the Bachelorette contestant. 

Who is The Bachelorette’s Jamie-Lee Dayz?

Jamie-Lee is a Sydney-sider currently studying psychology. 

Now 30-years-old, she’s also tried her hand at several other careers in her time including working as a venue manager and a model. 

When she appeared on The Bachelor in 2018, Jamie-Lee was vocal about being at the centre of rumours suggesting she and Brooke had hooked up while they were in the mansion because they were both openly bisexual. 

Speaking to Mamamia following her exit, she said: “Just because there are two bisexual girls in one room doesn’t mean that they’re automatically dating. It’s a shame to see that as a society that’s the outcome we come to, just because there’s two people who have similarities. It kind of sucks.” 

We love that she (and some of the show’s other contestants) is opening up the dialogue on sexuality by utilising the show’s platform to spark much needed conversations and educating others.

Whatever happens, we hope Jamie-Lee (and Brooke!) are happy with her final decision. Bring on the finale… 

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