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There’s An Underdog On ‘The Bachelorette’ We Need To Talk About

She's stolen Australia's heart.

From the very first episode of The Bachelorette, it was obvious why Brooke Blurton was enamoured with Holly Langford—and we can safely say Australia was too. 

As the 27-year-old approached the nervous bachelorette on the red carpet for the first time, Holly confidently asked her if she’d like to dance, to which Brooke obliged. 

There they shared an intimate, yet light moment, and it was clear Brooke was moved.

“Slow-dancing with Holly was so romantic, I just felt comfortable with doing that with her,” she told the cameras after the encounter. 

“The way she makes me feel, I am mind-blown.”

As Australia’s first bisexual bachelorette, Brooke’s season has been the most inclusive and important to date—and Holly has been a standout contestant by confidently sparking some of the conversations that have helped those in the LGBTQI+ community feel seen and heard.  

In one memorable moment, Holly and Brooke had an open and honest chat about being a bisexual woman having never been in a relationship with a female before. 

I think the only issue that I’ve ever faced is because I’ve not had a girlfriend, people have been, like, ‘Oh, are you actually bi?’ And doubted me for it. And questioned my conviction, and honesty, and truth.”

She added: “When I say it doesn’t matter what gender, that’s what I mean. I know who I am, and I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t,” to which Brooke replied, “That’s all I really need to hear. And I would never judge you.”

Yet another example of why this season of The Bachelorette has been its best yet—more open and inclusive conversations please! 

(Credit: Network Ten)

Who is Holly Langford from The Bachelorette?

Holly is a marketing administrator who reigns from New South Wales. 

While the 27-year-old’s job sounds fairly serious, Holly has a creative outlet—she’s a professional dance teacher and she currently cheerleads for the NRL. 

The reality star has a vibrant, positive aura about her. Her Instagram is filled with bright imagery of herself with friends and exploring nature. 

Holly has also confirmed to Brooke that she’s absolutely ready to find The One. 

Of course, the pair have hit a couple of snags—namely during Holly’s hometown visit where Brooke revealed that she wants to move back to Western Australia one day. New South Wales-based Holly was taken slightly by surprise, she see’s her own path in the place where she’s grown up and built her life. 

That said, the general public are still backing Holly for the win. At present she sits behind frontrunner Darvid Garayeli on several major betting sites including Sportsbet and TAB. 

So will she win? We’re about to find out as finals week begins…

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