Meet The Stunning Cast Set To Make History On ‘The Bachelorette’ Australia For 2021

It's the most diverse season yet.

Every year, The Bachelor and The Bachelorette deliver us the same, ageing rhetoric. Boy meets girls (and vice versa), goes on a load of dates, fights ensue, sure-fire signs of toxic masculinity emerge, and eventually, a couple ride off into the sunset while the runner-up gets their heart broken. 

After watching yet another textbook season of The Bachelor this year, you wouldn’t have to wonder for long as to why the franchise is losing its momentum. That was until this year’s Bachelorette came along.

Instead of the usual format, Network 10 has enlisted former Bachelor contestant, Brooke Blurton. She is a proud Noongar-Yamatji woman—her mother is Aboriginal-Malaysian and her father is English. She is also openly bisexual, and this will mark the first Australian season to see the bachelorette date both men and women. 

Finally, some representation for the LGBTQI+ community is here, and rest assured this season is actually gearing up to be pretty watchable, our first look at the cast is case in point. 

So with that, keep scrolling to meet the cast vying for Brooke Blurton’s heart. And for those wondering when to mark their calendars—The Bachelorette premieres on Network 10 on October 20. 


Jamie-Lee Dayz

Jamie-Lee has a slight advantage for two reasons: Firstly, she’s been on The Bachelor before, and secondly, it was during Brooke’s season in 2018. In a trailer released by Network 10 ahead of the show’s premiere, Jamie-Lee revealed her and Brooke had “just clicked” during their stint on the Honey Badger’s season. She’s apparently been crushing on Brooke for ages, and believes their vibe was “more than just friends.”


Carissa Croft

WA-based Psychologist Carissa Croft has also has ties to the Bachelor franchise—she’s best friends with Megan Marx, who was the first openly bisexual contestant when she appeared on the series in 2017. 


Kurt Herzog

Kurt is a talented Australian swimmer who has competed alongside legends like Grant Hackett. We wonder if he’ll be as successful in the Bachelorette pool of singles… 


Darvid Garayeli

Darvid is unforgettable not least because he made his grand entrance on The Bachelorette on a lawn mower, no less. We can’t wait to see what other stops he pulls to woo Brooke. 



Holly appeared in an early trailer for The Bachelorette, revealing herself as a dancer who also managed to charm Brooke during her entrance by inviting her to dance. Brooke commented that the moment had her “mind-blown”. 


Beau Tauwhara

Photographer Beau is no stranger to the camera, currently boasting more than 100,000 followers on his Instagram account. The talented New South Wales local is known for his epic landscape snaps. 


Jess Franklin

Jess is a software sales executive from South Australia. Going by her Instagram, she loves being around friends and nature. 



Filmmaker Ritu knows a thing or two about being behind a camera, but the stakes are higher when a real life love interest is involved. Watch this space… 


Matt Pottier

Matt is a metal fabricator from Queensland with a comedic streak to his name. In a statement before the show’s premiere, he said: “I’ve experienced love in my life. I’ve felt heartache, but one thing I have learnt is… Jack definitely could have fit on that door with Rose. Unlike Titanic, could this be a happy ending.”


Ryan Carmichael

Ryan is a plumber from New South Wales and isn’t afraid to get in his ins with this year’s Bachelorette. “Time to suit up and ask the all important question, ‘Can I just grab you for a quick chat?’,” he said of going on the show. 



25-year-old vet receptionist Emily is an animal lover reigning from New South Wales. 


Konrad Bien

Konrad is a carpenter from Victoria. Keen to find someone to settle down with, we’re all pondering the question: Will Brooke be the one? 



27-year-old New South Wales carpenter Johann is ready for his next adventure—The Bachelorette mansion will certainly pose an intriguing one. 


Bec Pressing

Bec is a charity officer from Victoria with a quirky sense of humour. “I’m bi bi bi and hoping @Brooke.Blurton and I can be n’sync,” she quipped on Instagram. 


Steve Pliatsikas

Steve is a podiatrist reigning from New South Wales. 


Taje Fowler

Taje is a youth worker from New South Wales. She’s thrilled to be part of this year’s cast, writing on Instagram: “This certainly is the biggest chance I have taken on love. I’m so proud to be apart of this season and everything that came with it!” 

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