Why Everyone Is Convinced Darvid Garayeli Will Win Brooke’s Final Rose On ‘The Bachelorette’

There have been signs.

Even before the 2021 season of The Bachelorette went to air in Australia, it was obvious that sweet 27-year-old Darvid Garayeli would go far. 

Well, at least it was obvious to some die-hard fans of the show, who hedged their bets on the man vying for Brooke Blurton’s heart before they even copped a glimpse of him in the premiere episode. 

When his name was announced ahead of the season’s debut, fans took to betting sites to put their money on Garayeli—to this day, he remains at the top of SportsBet and TAB’s picks. 

In previous Bachelor and Bachelorette seasons, contestants that are in that first or second slot have usually won (with the exception of the Honey Badger’s explosive 2018 season where he picked no one). 

As we approach the finale episode with just Darvid and fellow contestant Jamie-Lee Dayz left in the running for a rose, could it be that the self titled Persion prince will win Brooke’s heart?

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Does Darvid Garayeli win The Bachelorette? 

It certainly looks like Darvid will be the one who takes home Brooke’s final rose—the signs have been there from the beginning. 

When Darvid first met Brooke on the red carpet, the Bachelorette told the cameras: “The connection with Darvid is really strong already. It’s a really nice feeling.”

To add, Australian television podcast So Dramatic! revealed that a now-deleted Instagram video shared by Brooke (after filming had wrapped) appeared to feature Darvid meeting her family. 

In the clip, Brooke surprised her family while they watched The Bachelorette. Podcast host Megan Pustetto explained that when she entered the room, “Someone was filming her go in, and when she walked in and surprised her family, one of the people who was there turned around and said, ‘Hi Darvid, nice to meet you’.”

Pustetto also claims a person DM’d her confirming they’d also heard Darvid’s name in the video. 

“I don’t have the clip, but she definitely uploaded that,” the podcast host added. 

“A few people in the comments section noticed it as well, she’s deleted the video, so there’s something there she’s trying to hide.”

Who is Darvid Garayeli?

Darvid is a 27-year-old landscaper who reigns from Queensland. His personality comes across as upbeat and positive on the show, though he’s admitted he can be a little blunt at times. 

But there’s no denying the chemistry he has with Brooke. In episode one, he was the recipient of Brooke’s very first white rose, which gave him first dibs on a date with the 26-year-old. 

Sure enough, the one-on-one time that followed proved they had a spark. They went for a helicopter ride over the Blue Mountains and later enjoyed a hanging picnic on the side of a cliff. 

He and Brooke have also bonded over respect and love for their heritage. Brooke is a proud Noongar Yamatji woman while Darvid relayed how he loves to embrace his Persion heritage during a conversation with Brooke in episode one.

“It’s quite important to me to embrace my heritage. It’s something I haven’t always embraced in younger years, as I get a bit older it means more to me,” he told her. 

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Darvid also said he’s learned a lot from his past relationships, sharing in his bio released by Network Ten that he’s been in love several times, and each experience has “contributed to who I am now,”. 

He’s also been clear that his intentions on The Bachelorette are sincere, saying that he’s ready to find “The One”.  

As to whether The One will be Brooke herself remains to be seen, but the odds are certainly in his favour. 

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