Who Wins Brooke’s Heart On ‘The Bachelorette’ Australia? We May Already Have An Answer To That

There's a couple of clues to unpack.

Brooke Blurton’s season of The Bachelorette has, for once, given us some fantastic talking points. 

Instead of the tired boy-meets-girl format, the 2021 season, lead by Noongar-Yamatji woman Brooke Blurton, brings together its most diverse and representative cast the Australian franchise has seen to date—and already, we’re seeing the positive knock-on effect of that. 

Take contestant Holly’s open and honest chat with Brooke in episode three about being bisexual, and how she’s been labelled otherwise simply because she’s never been in a relationship with a girl. 

Speaking to the Bachelorette herself, Holly explained: “I think the only issue that I’ve ever faced is because I’ve not had a girlfriend, people have been, like, ‘Oh, are you actually bi?’ And doubted me for it. And questioned my conviction, and honesty, and truth.”

She added: “When I say it doesn’t matter what gender, that’s what I mean. I know who I am, and I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t,” to which Brooke replied, “That’s all I really need to hear. And I would never judge you.” 
(Credit: Network Ten)

The refreshing discussion was one Australia really resonated with, giving a stage not only for those in the bisexual community, but for all people who identify as LGBTQI+. 

Of course, it made Brooke (and we ourselves) like Holly even more, so surely it’s a sign she’ll win? 

Well, not necessarily. While we’ve no doubt Holly will go far, there are other clues to suggest another contestant could come out on top.

Indeed, even before the series went to air, 27-year-old Darvid was rumoured to be the one to take Brooke’s final rose. 

The first clue? He was one of the first contestants to be revealed ahead of the new season, and in a teaser, Brooke could be heard saying of him: “The connection with Darvid is really strong already. It’s a really nice feeling.” 

Furthermore, the landscaper is currently in the number one spot across betting agencies including SportsBet and TAB.

Another contestant who caught fans attention early in the piece was Jamie-Lee. 

Like Darvid, she was one of the first contestants to be revealed, and fans were quick to point out she was no stranger to Brooke. 

Indeed, Jamie-Lee appeared on the Honey Badger’s season of The Bachelor (yep, the exact same one Brooke featured on). 

It turns out the two contestants had formed a bond off-camera during their time in the mansion, but they never had the chance to see if it could go anywhere. 

The pair have since confessed they both felt a spark, with Jamie-Lee telling Brooke, “There were so many times in the mansion where I would want to sneak over to your bed, but I just didn’t know.”

To which Brooke replied: “I’m going to be honest with you, I had feelings for you in the house. Just know that.”

“But I knew that I was there obviously for Nick. I was conflicted… I kind of felt like it was a bit of a sliding door moment for us.”

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