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Jennifer Aniston Made A Playful Dig At One Of Rachel’s Iconic Fashion Looks, And She Makes A Good Point

It was a recurring wardrobe staple for the style icon.

Rachel Green was undoubtedly one of the biggest style icons of the 90s, and still to this day, we turn to her for inspiration. She is truly an unrivalled style muse, somehow managing to bring us preppy, sexy and casual all at once. From tartan pleated skirts and slip dresses to printed tees and baggy jeans — there was no look she couldn’t pull off. 

Despite the world’s never-ending obsession with her, it turns out there’s one wardrobe staple that even Jennifer Aniston didn’t understand. What are we talking about, exactly? The sleeveless turtleneck. Yes, the controversial garment has created a few questions around what time of year it’s actually appropriate for. A cold winter’s day? A hot summer’s day? Nobody really seems to know. A few days ago, Aniston posted a cartoon from the New Yorker. The photo depicted a woman standing in front of a sleeveless top, asking the question, ”What time of year are you for!”


She followed the post with a collage of Rachel’s sleeveless turtleneck moments, accompanied by the shrug emoji. Yes, Rachel was definitely a fan of the sleeveless high-neck look, sporting it across several different seasons of the show. While it might not make a lot of sense, there’s no denying that Rachel made a serious case for it in the 1990s. 

If you’re a member of the sleeveless turtleneck club and feeling a little offended, don’t worry. It turns out Aniston is actually on board with the look after all. Funnily enough, the actress actually wore a sleeveless turtleneck to the Friends reunion special. She paired the top with a pair of black jeans and brown boots, for a chic yet understated look. 

Maybe this was Jen’s way of showing us she’s on board with the look after all, or a cheeky nod to one of Rachel’s iconic looks. Whatever her intentions were, she was undoubtedly pulling it off. 

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