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Adele Gave Longtime Friend Jennifer Lawrence A Sage Warning In 2015. She Ignored It

"I should have listened to her." 
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In 2013, Jennifer Lawrence and Adele both experienced the biggest moment of their careers. They also found a lifelong friend in each other. 

The pair, who have been famously close for almost a decade, first met at the 2013 Oscars. There, Adele won the top going for her song Skyfall while Lawrence won Best Actress (and fell up the stairs in the process).

And so began a blossoming friendship, a lot of which the world has been privy to witness (more on that below). But there’s a lot more to their friendship that’s unfolded far away from prying eyes, and Lawrence has just given us a rare new insight to prove it. 

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In an interview with New York Times, Lawrence described how Adele once gave her some sage advice which the Oscar-winner ended up ignoring… and regretting it. 

You might recall 2016 film Passengers starring Lawrence and Chris Pratt, or maybe you don’t because by all accounts, it was a bit of a flop. As it turns out, Adele had predicted this very feat and told Lawrence it wasn’t a good idea

“Adele told me not to do it!” The actor told the publication.

“She was like, ‘I feel like space movies are the new vampire movies.’ I should have listened to her.” 

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Lawrence also shared more details on her famous 2019 night out at New York City gay bar Pieces with Adele, revealing that she had convinced the singer to go to help her overcome her nerves about being papped in public. 

“Are there people there?” Adele had asked Lawrence over text.

“Yes, there’s people everywhere,” Lawrence replied.

As it turns out, the night was a refreshing way for the pair to enjoy normal(ish…) human interaction. 

Fans joyfully took to Twitter to share their glimpses of Lawrence and Adele, who were pictured dancing, playing a drinking game, and sharing a gentle wrestling match. All very normal night out behaviour. 

“I don’t know how I can act when I feel cut off from normal human interaction,” Lawrence told the publication. 

We’re just glad she and Adele can navigate the barrier between fame and normality together. More nights out for these two, please. 

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