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Jeremy Allen White And Addison Timlin Have Filed For Divorce

“It can just be so lonely.”
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Jeremy Allen White and wife Addison Timlin have announced they are calling it quits after more than a decade together.

The couple met back in 2008, and welcomed their first child, Ezer, 4, a decade later. The following year, in 2019, they tied the knot in a courthouse ceremony, before welcoming their second child, Dolores, 2, in December 2020.

Jeremy and Allison back in October, 2021. (Credit: Image: @addison.timlin)

According to court documents, which were filed just last week, Jeremy and Addison officially separated back in September 2022.

However fans were quick to notice that the couple still appeared to be going strong months after this date. 

In January 2023, for example, Addison accompanied Jeremy to the Golden Globes, where he won Best Actor for his role in The Bear.

During his speech, he thanked his then-wife, saying, Addison Timlin. I love you deep in my bones. Thank you for all that you do. Thank you for everything you’ve done.”

The Golden Globes in question. (Credit: Image: Getty)

Throughout their relationship, Addison frequently took to social media to share touching moments of her husband, coupled with heartfelt captions.

To mark his birthday last year, for example, she wrote alongside a sweet snap: “Happy birthday to the ultimate dad, protector, husband and friend […] I hope you feel like the hero you are to us-today and everyday. I love you.”

Yesterday, however, the actress commemorated Mother’s Day with an Instagram post that felt a little different to the previous.

Alongside a series of photos of herself with their two children, she remarked on her experience as a single parent for the last “9 months” saying, “it can just be so lonely.”

“So thank you to everyone that has helped me in these last 9 months, the moms who picked my kid up from school in an emergency, play dates that made weekends feel a little less like climbing a small mountain, crying in my car, urgent care centres, frozen 1 and 2, and my little man JJ, Kraft mac and cheese, dry shampoo, ice cream, lollipops, goldfish, pirates booty, pull ups, crocs, soap & water, neighbours, my friends, my family, and if you turned and said to me, ‘I’ve got you’.”

Addison shared this sweet snap of their two children. (Credit: Image: @addison.timlin)

While neither Jeremy nor Addison have commented on the reason for their split, a source told ET that they had attempted to work things out before calling it quotes. 

“Jeremy Allen White and Addison were having trust issues during their relationship, that ultimately led to their divorce. They were attempting to work things out, but things became increasingly difficult for them, and they decided to split.” 

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