‘The Bear’ Is Coming To Australian Screens Sooner Than You Can Say ‘Yes Chef’

It’s time to get your hands dirty.

Once upon a time, the phrase “the bear” may have evoked an image of a ferocious albeit furry animal.

However, thanks to the power of the internet, The Bear has become synonyms with the latest limited series taking over the internet one episode at a time.

Starring Shameless alumni Jeremy Allen White as everybody’s favourite line chef, The Bear is the critically acclaimed series that will have expressions like “yes chef” and “hot behind” become a mainstay in your lingo.

The eight episode series sees White deliciously star as the hot-headed protagonist Carmen ‘Carmy’ Berzatto, who we will refer to as Carmy for the rest of the story.

Set in the windy city of Chicago, the show chronicles Carmy’s journey from the elite world of fine dining to behind the line to run his family’s Italian beef sandwich shop.

Of course, with Chicago renowned for its impressive architecture, signature street food (read: deep dish pizzas and hot dogs), we have no doubt that this show will have us all ditching our reservations at Mimi’s and Gimlet at Cavendish House for a cheeky hole-in-the-wall sandwich run.

If the premise has piqued your interest then keep reading below for everything to know about the highly-anticipated series, including when the show will be coming to Australian screens.


What Is ‘The Bear’ About?

As previously mentioned, The Bear will follow Carmy as he takes over running his family’s Chicago-based sandwich shop. 

Sadly, Carmy doesn’t arrive at the shop under positive pretences. After Carmy’s brother unexpectedly passes away, he finds himself being named as the restaurant’s owner and executor.

Carmy, who is used to the upscale world of fine dining, is then unwillingly thrust into this new position where he attempts to turn the restaurant, which is hilariously called “The Original Beef of Chicagoland”, from drab to fab. 

Over eight episodes, we will see Carmy battle the trials and tribulations of a male dominated kitchen on its head and make the restaurant a recipe for success.

Given our penchant for reality-based cooking shows like MasterChef, Gordon Ramsay’s Hell’s Kitchen and how could we forget the late-90s cultural masterpiece Iron Chef, we have every certainty that ‘The Bear’ will cement itself as a cult-favourite amongst these greats. 


When Will ‘The Bear’ Be Released In Australia?

Like most things, Australia is the last to receive ‘The Bear’ to our screens. Although this means that we have to navigate avoiding the plethora of spoilers, we fortunately don’t have much longer to wait.

‘The Bear’ will be available to stream on August 31 from 5PM, so set your calendars, order your beef sandwiches and get ready to take a bit out of this hot new dish.

Where To Watch ‘The Bear’ In Australia.

The Bear will be available to stream from August 31 from 5PM on Disney+, live and on demand with a month-to-month or annual subscription.


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