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Kylie Jenner And Boyfriend Travis Scott Now Have Matching Tattoos

They shared the pics on Snapchat

Forget changing your relationship status, Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott have one-upped us all, creating a permanent memento to signify their romance.  

On their respective Snapchat accounts, the pair shared captionless photos of their matching butterfly tattoos within hours of each other.

Jenner, 19, got the miniscule tattoo above her ankle on the back of her right leg, while Scott got inked in the same spot on his left leg.

Many speculate the tattoos are in reference to one of the rapper’s singles, “Butterfly Effect,” which he released in May.

Fans have long suspected the song is about Kylie, which includes cryptic hints. The lyrics mention the “hidden hills,” where Jenner and her family live, plus Scott also posted an Instagram photo of her with the song title in the caption.

The pair first sparked dating rumours in April after they were seen inseparable at Coachella together. They also watched a Houston Rockets game side by side. If that’s not true love, then we don’t know what is.

This move is not out of character for Kylie Jenner who previously dedicated a tiny “t” tattoo to her ex, Tyga, late last year before the two split. She also has a matching tattoo with her best friend, Jordyn Woods.

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