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Girls of Ramsay Street Unite: Kylie Minogue Wants Margot Robbie To Play Her In Biopic

The casting choice we didn't know we wanted.
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Kylie Minogue has said she wants fellow Aussie and Neighbours alum Margot Robbie to play her should her life ever get the Hollywood treatment.

When asked by E! News who she would like to play her in a hypothetical biopic, Kylie immediately responded with a laugh: “Margot Robbie — in my dreams!”

Truthfully, not a bad casting choice… (Credit: Getty)

Given they both hail from the land Down Under, Kylie, 55, noted one big plus of casting Margot, 33, in the role:

“She’d have the Australian accent down, that’s for sure.”

(Credit: Channel 10)

Kylie and Margot have more than just their birthplace in common. Both stars began their career on Ramsay St as stars of Neighbours

Kylie played Charlene Robinson from 1986 to 1988. Meanwhile, Margot joined the soap in 2008 as Donna Freedman. Both actresses were just 17 when they started on the series. 

Margot Robbie’s ‘Barbie’ has been a phenomenal success. (Credit: Getty)

However, given the record-breaking success of Robbie’s most recently feature, Barbie, the ‘Padam Padam’ singer might have to get in line. 

Barbie, on which Margot served as producer as well as star, has become one of the biggest success stories in cinematic history, grossing over $780 million US after only two weeks in the box office. 

Kylie is about to start her first Vegas residency. (Credit: Getty)

While Margot is currently slated for another reboot of Ocean’s 11, her production company, Lucky Chap, is producing a number of works, including a body swap comedy starring Jennifer Aniston and Julia Roberts. 

Kylie, meanwhile, has just landed her first Las Vegas residency at the Voltaire club in the Venetian hotel. This year has been big for the singer, who is releasing a new album, Tension, in September.

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