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Madonna’s Response To Those Judging Her Appearance Is Defiantly Unapologetic

“Once again I am caught in the glare of ageism and misogyny.”
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The internet was quick to scrutinise Madonna’s appearance at the 65th Annual Grammy Awards.

The 64-year-old star, who took the stage to introduce Sam Smith and Kim Petras, was described as “unrecognisable” by many viewers, who blamed plastic surgery for the visible change in her appearance. 

One Twitter user wrote, “This is really sad. Madonna is no longer recognizable. She looks haunting,” while another said “No disrespect! But, WTF has happened to Madonna? I’m worried for her mental health. She’s starting to look like a cross between Marilyn Manson, and the late Pete Burns. This is what happens when you have too much money, and you don’t know what to do with it. Very unhealthy.”

Madonna was quick to hit back at the internet trolls with a defiantly unapologetic response on Instagram, writing that people should have been focusing on more important parts of the night. 

Madonna Grammys
Madonna is unapologetic about her appearance at the Grammys. (Credit: Getty)

“It was an honour for me to introduce Kim Petras and Sam Smith at the Grammys,” Madonna wrote on Instagram.

“I wanted to give the last award which was Album of the Year, but I thought it was more important that I present the first trans-woman performing at the Grammys—a history-making moment! And on top of that she won a Grammy,” she continued. 

“Instead of focusing on what I said in my speech which was about giving thanks for the fearlessness of artists like—Sam and KimMany people chose to only talk about close-up photos of me taken with a long lens camera by a press photographer that would distort anyone’s face!

Once again I am caught in the glare of ageism and misogyny that permeates the world we live in. A world that refuses to celebrate women past the age of 45 and feels the need to punish her If she continues to be strong willed, hard-working and adventurous.

“I have never apologised for any of the creative choices I have made nor the way that I look or dress and I’m not going to start.

“I have been degraded by the media since the beginning of my career but I understand that this is all a test and I am happy to do the trailblazing so that all the women behind me can have an easier time in the years to come. In the words of Beyoncé, ‘You-won’t break my soul.’

“I look forward to many more years of subversive behaviour, pushing boundaries, standing up to the patriarchy and most of all enjoying my life. Bow down bitches!.”

Madonna has never publicly confirmed whether she has undergone plastic surgery—and she shouldn’t have to.

Every woman who ages in the public eye faces an insurmountable amount of pressure to age the ‘right way.’

Madonna isn’t the first celebrity to call out the pressure that Hollywood puts on ageing women, with Emma Thompson and Sarah Jessica Parker having both spoken out about the demands of appearing younger. 

Whether women choose to age naturally or chase a more youthful appearance, they’re are going to be judged either way. 

So, lets just let Madonna age the way she wants to. 

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