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‘Married At First Sight’s’ Booka Nile “Targeted By Stalkers”, Says Bridesmaid

"It's pretty freaky"

Appearing on one of Australia’s most viewed reality series has to come with its fair share of scary moments—from its seriously awkward intimacy challenges to couples battling it, all on display for the world to see (and judge). But for Booka Nile, the reality of being made famous overnight has come with another fear. 

Appearing on gossip podcast So Dramatic!Madlin, Booka’s bridesmaid and roommate, claimed the reality star has been targeted by a “few stalkers” since the Channel Nine social experiment went to air, revealing they’ve even had to call police after a man was found “lingering at 10pm” outside their house. 

Speaking with host Megan Pustetto, Madlin further revealed because a guy had tried to “break in constantly”, they were forced to move homes. 

“Men who have expressed interest in her and a few guys who have gotten a bit over excited and they have not left her alone,” she said.

“He’s been pretty close [to breaking in],” she said, adding that “literally as soon as we go outside, he just runs away.”

“It’s super freaky,” she continued. “She’s had this as a musician, but having people invested in her personal relationships is different. It’s pretty freaky.”

The news comes as Booka and Brett’s relationship continues on a downward spiral, with fans guessing the pair might not make it much longer after Patrick’s letter claimed she was “self-centred” and wasn’t giving her husband enough attention. 

“That letter highlighted that you think I’m an ugly human being, and all I talk about is how good my band is,” she told her husband. 

It also comes as eagle-eyed fans spotted something interesting about Booka’s Facebook page this week, where she seemed to hint at a split between her and Brett when the lyrics of her new song definitely made it sound as though the two were over. 

Only time will tell with these two… 

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