‘MAFS’ Star Booka’s New Song Makes It Sound Like Her Romance With Brett Is Over


Out of all the current 2021 MAFS couples, Booka Nile and Brett Helling have been the pairing we’ve shipped the hardest. They’ve seemed to have no relationship dramas since the series began – but apparently that’s set to change, at least if Booka’s recent song lyrics are indicative.

Fans noticed some very interesting lyrics pop up on Booka’s Facebook this week, which seem to hint at a split between her and Brett. Also, if these lyrics ARE about Brett – well, let’s just say Booka’s not exactly sounding like she’s on great terms with the guy.


It’s not just the lyrics, though – there’s a whole preview music video. To be fair, the guy looks like any old Australian f**kboy, even though some fans reckon he looks a bit like Brett.

Not seeing it.

But why will the MAFS power couple split? While we’ve seen hints at fractures in their relationship so far – namely that Brett feels Booka is too intense, and Booka took offense at Brett’s comments during one of the new couple’s weddings, the latest gossip is that Booka will cheat on Brett with Jake, can you believe – plus there are rumours swirling that Brett says some sexist stuff about Booka.

But most concerning is this information from TV Week, that sees Booka receive a feedback letter from Patrick, which suggests she’s self-absorbed. It sets off a chain of events between the couple, and things just don’t look great.

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