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Male Workers Are Tracking Their Female Colleagues Periods

Sorry, what?

Yes, you read that right. There are men in Australia tracking their female colleague’s periods.

One woman told that her male co-workers track her periods so they know when to stay away from her. Seriously.

“They want to stay away from me when I’m PMSing, because I get a bit moody,” she said.

The woman, who wished to stay anonymous, says she found out it was happening after a small argument she had with one of them.

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The argument came about when they were discussing relationships, and he decided to say she was single because she talked back. Obviously upset, she began to cry. He apologised, but said he wished he had known she was on her period so she would have “saved [him] from apologising so much!”

From then, he began tracking her cycle on his work calendar, which he sent to all of their male coworkers, so they were all alerted of her cycles.

He justified the calendar by calling it a  “good strategy to track her period cycle in order to avoid unnecessary situations”.

“I’m just trying to stay away from trouble,” he added.

He even has a nickname for when she’s on her period.“C63”, named “after the Mercedez Benz C63 that moves 0km to 100km in under four seconds … that’s how fast her mood will change,” he told

But if you thought a calendar was bad. There’s actual apps developed to do the ‘hard work’ for men.

PMS Buddy, which is no longer available, was developed to save relationships “one month at a time!” and let men track the periods of up to 10 women. OK, then. 

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So, where are the apps that let women track men’s moods?

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