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Margot Robbie Opens Up About Security Scares

She's faced death threats

While life on Ramsay Street for Neighbours alumnus Margot Robbie was presumably pretty low key, the star then skyrocketed to fame with roles in The Wolf Of Wall Street and Suicide Squad. And with her newfound popularity came security scares and even death threats, the actress has revealed.

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, Robbie explained the extra security she now requires as a result of her high profile.

“There’s just all this stuff you learn along the way, like, when you get those death threats, it’s [smart] to have a security team do a background check on whoever sent them to see if there is any past history of violence because you’ll need to know whether you need security to go to certain events,” Robbie said.

“And every time you do a background check, it’s going to cost $2,000, so take that into consideration when you’re getting yourself into this.”

The 27-year-old actress recounted shared that she was not aware of the dark side of acting when she first started in the industry.

“[I]t’s like, ‘OK, that’s a different kind of career.’ Because then you need to always do a job that can financially support that lifestyle; you can’t just do indie films for the rest of your life because that film back there changed everything and now you have to be able to afford security,” she said.

“I just wish someone had explained a lot of those things to me early on. I wouldn’t have resented the position I found myself in because I would’ve known what I was getting myself into.”

Robbie is nominated for a Golden Globe and tipped to receive an Oscar nomination too for her standout role in the upcoming figure skating biopic I, Tonya. She’s also set to return to Sydney later this month to walk the red carpet for the Australian premiere of the film. 

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