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The Best Twitter Reactions To Episode Four Of ‘Married At First Sight’


Last night’s episode of Married At First Sight had us laughing, cringing and crying. We saw six couples head off on their honeymoons. 

It was love at first sight for Jules and Cam at their wedding and the romance continued to blossom on their New Zealand honeymoon. The couple discussed their desire for children, both agreeing it was a priority for a future relationship. Jessika and Mick headed to Palm Cove for their honeymoon. Mick is besotted with his new wife but finds Jess’ obsession with her phone a little a hard to handle. Finally, Mick asks Jess if she’s only on the experiment “for Instagram”, which she finds outrageous and storms off. 

Cyrell and Nic are thoroughly enjoying their wedding in New Zealand. However, Nic is trying to find the right time to reveal to Cyrell he had testicular cancer. Nic eventually shares his story with Cyrell and the pair hit a speedbump in their relationship. Mel and Dino had an awkward start at their wedding, but were hoping the honeymoon in Fiji would bring them closer together…through awkward meditation and a trip to the local mud pool, it seems these two have a bit further to go. 

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Ning and Mark headed off to Thailand for their honeymoon. Ning proved difficult to please at their wedding and Mark was hoping to see her softer side while on holiday. In the Whitsunday Islands, Heidi and Mike’s relationship is sizzling. But while the physical attraction is obvious, Heidi wants to get to know Mike on a more personal level. Unfortunately, when she tries to share some intimate details about herself, Mike is more interested in “kissing her neck” than talking about her traumatic childhood. 

Below, the best Twitter reactions to Episode Four.

Watch below: MAFS Ning looks very unimpressed heading to honeymoon with husband Mark. 

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