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Are ‘Married At First Sight’s’ Bronte And Harrison Still Together?

We took a deep dive into the couple's relationship.
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Bronte Schofield and Harrison Boon had arguably the rockiest start of all couples on this season of Married At First Sight. Here’s everything we know about the divisive couple, from their tumultuous wedding reception to their current relationship status.

Who are Bronte Schofield and Harrison Boon?

Bronte, 28, is an online beauty editor hailing from New South Wales. Her dating history is full of ‘situationships’, and she’s looking for someone with great conversation who she can spoil. 

Harrison, 32, is a builder from New South Wales. He is a father to a three-year-old son, and is open to having more children with the right person.

The Wedding

When Harrison and Bronte met at the altar, things appeared to be smooth sailing. 

“Bronte legitimately blew me away. She’s absolutely stunning, I just felt all the air leave my body,” Harrison admitted. 

Shortly after the pair said “I do,” however, things took a turn for the worst.

Bronte’s best friend, Jessica, pulled her aside at the wedding reception and revealed that her new husband had been dating another friend in the week leading up to the experiment, even telling her, “He wants to be with her when he finishes the experiment.”

When confronted with the allegations, Harrison sheepishly admitted, “There’s someone that I had a crush on for a long time… I kinda told her I wished it was her I was doing this with.”

Bronte and Harrison at their wedding. (Credit: Image: @_bronteschofield)

The Reception

On their honeymoon in the Hunter Valley, the new couple attempted to repair their marriage with a game of golf and a few glasses of wine. 

After getting intimate that night, however, things again started to look dire. 

“[Sex] was so rushed and there was no emotions in it,” Bronte admitted. “Basically, I know his favourite sex position before I know his favourite colour.”

The arrival of an ‘Honesty Box’ seemed to confirm Bronte’s fears. When Harrison was asked if he felt sexual chemistry with her, he responded, “Ummmm… look. Not at the moment.”

The First Dinner Party

Fast-forward to the first dinner party and Bronte and Harrison again tried to move forward from their rocky beginnings.

But a rehash of their wedding’s events with fellow castmates seemed to cast even more doubt over their budding connection.

After hearing Bronte’s version of events, MAFS co-star Melinda confessed, “I think I believe Bronte’s friend.” She also added, “I do have advice for Bronte and it’s run. Fast.”

Harrison and Bronte (Credit: Image: @_bronteschofield)

The First Commitment Ceremony

At the first commitment ceremony, the future of Bronte and Harrison as a couple looked doubtful. 

After again discussing Harrison’s recent dating history, the pair were asked to vote on whether they would like to continue with the experiment. Harrison wrote ‘leave,’ while Bronte opted to stay. 

The Final Commitment Ceremony

Fans were certain the final commitment ceremony would see the end of this tumultuous relationship. 

In the week prior, an argument between the pair saw Bronte fly home to Western Australia, and Harrison front a dinner party alone.

At the commitment ceremony, they rehashed the events, with Harrison sharing he was upset Bronte had called him a manipulator. “Stuff like that is really damaging,” he said.

But expert Mel was quick to redirect the conversation, questioning whether Harrison had behaved similarly towards his bride. 

“Surely Harrison, if you called your wife fake and a gaslighter, you’d remember that?” Mel probed.

But when it came time for the couple to decide whether they would continue on in the experiment for another week, the other couples were shocked to see that both Bronte and Harrison had opted to stay.

Voicing everyone’s disbelief, Mel asked them, “What is it that keeps the two of you together, after everything that you’ve dealt with? Why are you still here?”

“When things are good, they’re really good. But when things are bad, they’re really bad,” Bronte told her.

So will things be good enough to get them through the final vows? We’ll have to wait and see.

The Final Dinner Party

Days before the final vows were set to take place, Bronte and Harrison’s marriage fell apart at the final dinner party. After weeks of arguing, tension boiled over with an ‘honesty box’ challenge. 

In response to the honesty box, Harrison expressed that he didn’t appreciate Bronte’s willingness to speak badly about him during Homestays.

“On Homestays, you and your sister attacked me,” he said.

An argument ensued, with Bronte telling Harrison, “I’d choose my family over you, any day.”

Eventually, Bronte exited the dinner party, effectively ending their relationship, saying, “Harrison, we’re done, we’re over and I honestly never want to see you again.”

Are Bronte And Harrison Still Together?

Bronte and Harrison are no longer together. 

But while they didn’t make it to the final vows, according to New Idea, there is a potential romance brewing between Bronte and another groom from the experimentJesse! 

The publication shared a photo taken during filming allegedly showed Jesse unable to take his eyes off Bronte. 

And Bronte seems to have well and truly moved on from Harrison: according to Yahoo!, when she arrived in Sydney to film the MAFS reunion episode, photographers asked her how she felt about seeing her ex husband again, to which she responded, “No comment, absolutely no comment!”

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