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‘Married At First Sight’ Bronson’s Tragic Past Revealed

His father Neil gave an emotional speech about three missing family members

In the course of Married At First Sight’s seven episodes, we’ve grown to respect stripper-turned-entrepreneur Bronson for the way he’s handled wife Ines. Keeping his cool and always staying positive, the reality TV groom has proved patience is a virtue. But, the traumatic tale of Bronson’s family has been revealed after his father Neil gave a heartbreaking speech detailing how three of his immediate family members have passed away, and the emotional toll that ook on his son. 

When Bronson was just 19, his brother Sasha, 23, was murdered by a bikie gang, Daily Mail reports. Five months later his mother Sancha, 52, died on the operating table. Seven years after that his eldest brother Brodie, 32, died suddenly at his home in Perth, the cause of which remains unknown. 

“That’s what Bronson has lived with all these years. I don’t tell the story because people don’t believe it when I tell them,” Mr Norrish told the publication. “Bronson and I are very close. He’s come through it very well and has a great attitude to life. I’m very proud of him and will support whatever he does.” 

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At the wedding, Mr Norrish gave an emotional speech. “We’ve encouraged Bronson to enjoy life…because life is too short – especially for our family,” he began. There’s ” three people missing tonight. Your mother would be looking down on you saying, treat your bride with kindness and thoughtfulness. 

“Your eldest brother would be saying ‘what the hell are you doing’, and your other brother would be saying'”go for broke, you only live once and enjoy life while you can’.”

Bronson and Ines have had a tough time connecting in the first few episodes of the series, and reports have suggested they are one of the first couples to leave the experiment. 

WATCH: ‘Married At First Sight’ Bronson’s Father Delivers Emotional Wedding Speech. 

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