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‘Married At First Sight’ Sam Admits He Can’t “Stand” Bride Elizabeth


Married At First Sight has truly delivered on the drama, and it’s only just getting started. Tradie and part-time model Sam is due to marry wife Elizabeth in Sunday night’s episode, but was hoping for someone “natural who would get along with his family” and has openly revealed he was “disappointed” when he met his bride for the first time. 

“When I saw her, I was shocked as I wasn’t really attracted to her – and she seemed a bit pretentious,” he told WHO magazine. “I guess you create an image in your head of who you think is right, but when I saw my bride and got to know her character, I was disappointed.” 

He also revealed the wedding was a bit of a disaster, as he was hoping for a bride who could dance and have fun. “She couldn’t dance, and then couldn’t cut the cake!” Sam tells the publication. 

“I mean there were certain times we would have fun but other times there were things that just didn’t work for us.”

But, it was Elizabeth’s inability to get along with his family that Sam admits was the most devastating part of the wedding.

“I didn’t like the way she didn’t address my family. I didn’t like what she said at the vows. I was hoping for someone more natural, to be honest. She wasn’t my type.”

Sam and Elizabeth will wed on Sunday, February 3. 

Watch below: MAFS Sam on why he “can’t stand” Elizabeth.

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