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‘Married At First Sight’ Called Out For Its Portrayal Of Toxic Masculinity

"This is not okay".

Episode One of Married At First Sight was only a mere twenty minutes in when viewers spotted its first problem with this year’s social experiment. As the grooms met each other for the first time, they began to speak out on what they were hoping to find in a relationship.

The first blow came after the grooms used the opportunity to speak about their upcoming weddings and whether they would consummate the marriage on the first night. One of the grooms made the comment that “having sex is like eating a whole pizza”.

Twitter viewers immediately called out the show. 

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Then came the second blow. Groom Matthew came into the group and was immediately targeted by the other men for his choice not to drink. He tells the group that he had never felt “tempted” to drink alcohol and would just drink water for the remainder of the night (and experiment). Later, as the men continued to speak on their upcoming nuptials the attention once again turned to Matthew. Speaking again on whether any had planned to consummate their marriage on the wedding night, fellow groom Nic couldn’t help but turn the attention to quiet groom Matthew. 

“Have you ever with a woman?” he prodded. “Just because you haven’t had many relationships I just assumed you hadn’t.”

Matthew, clearly uncomfortable, paused before finally admitting, “No, no I haven’t actually.”

Despite the somewhat confrontational start to the conversation, the men reacted positively to Matthew’s confession. Showing support and understanding, the men encouraged him to be comfortable with himself. 

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