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When ‘Mr Inbetween’ Left Us With *That* Dramatic Season Finale, We All Had One Question

Season four, where are you?
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It was lauded as one of Australia’s greatest television shows, but ever so silently, Mr Inbetween slipped away from us. 

At least, that’s how it felt after watching the emotional rollercoaster season three finale. Understandably, fans were left scrabbling to know whether there would be a fourth instalment of the Australian black comedy-drama to count down to.  

And with the final episode titled I’m Not Leaving, could you really blame them? 


Will there be a fourth season of Mr Inbetween?

Unfortunately, it has been confirmed by lead actor and writer, Scott Ryan, that Mr Inbetween has come to its natural end. 

Speaking to in 2021, the talented Australian revealed he was ready to close the chapter after the third season

“I’m still getting better as a writer and as an actor. This was my first professional gig, but I feel like I haven’t hit my stride yet,” he told the publication. 

“The best is down the road and that’s exciting.”


What happened in Mr Inbetween

Mr Inbetween followed the narrative of Ray Shoesmith, who made a living by being a hitman while balancing his strikingly normal life among friends and family. 

Ray has a daughter, Brittany (played by Chika Yasumura), whom he shares with his ex-wife, Jacinta (played by Natalie Tran).

The series also explores his relationship partner with Ally, along with caring for his terminally ill brother.

Alongside this, we watch as Ray navigates the criminal world, and we see it take a toll on his relationships. 

Where can you watch Mr Inbetween?

While the show originally premiered in the US on FX, and then Fox Showcase in Australia, you can watch every season of Mr Inbetween on streaming platform Binge – sign up to it here

Stream Mr Inbetween now on BINGE with a 7-day free trial. Subscribe here.

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