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Why Everybody’s Talking About New Netflix Show ‘Sex Education’

Add it to your binge list, STAT

In 2019, several Netflix series have already caught ours (and Twitter’s) attention. In the short weeks of the year, we’ve already eagerly sat through You and Tidying Up With Marie Kondo, while anticipatingly awaiting the release of FYRE and Dirty John

Well – now we are adding another to the list.

Sex Education, a Netflix Original Series created by Laurie Nunn, is being praised as a modern exploration of sexual positivity and a gleaming beacon to the refreshing portrayals of teenage relationships on television. 

Think Skins for the Snapchat era. 

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Set in a British high school, the series stars Gillian Anderson and Asa Butterfield. Taking a frank and hilarious approach to sex, masturbation, faking orgasms and the awkwardness of meeting your sex therapist mum’s one-night stand, the series provides a warm, light-hearted humour that has left viewers buzzing.

Butterfield plays 16-year-old virgin Otis whose lack of experience with sex leads him to launch his own sex clinic for teens, giving paid advice to his helplessly hormonal classmates on everything from their gag reflexes to their ‘hair down there’.

Viewers took to Twitter to praise the show’s positive, honest and healthy portrayal of male friendships that lacks “toxic masculinity,” its “complex characterisation of a gay teen of colour,” and its frank depiction of teenage pregnancy – just to name a few.

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With each episode bringing the story of a different teen struggling with a different sexual issue, Sex Education has been praised for not treating its young characters in a patronising tone, but rather treating them as real humans grappling their emotional and physical transition in life.

Sex Education is available on Netflix.

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