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Oliva Molly Rogers Opens Up About Her Marriage Ending

"There were a lot of big issues."
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Former Miss Universe and influencer Olivia Molly Rogers has shared the reason behind her split from Justin McKeone, after just eight months of marriage.

Olivia Molly Rogers and Justin McKeone
Olivia Molly Rogers and Justin McKeone on their wedding day. (Credit: Instagram)

The pair, who dated for more than four years prior to getting married, officially tied the knot with lavish ceremony on Victoria’s Bellarine Peninsula in February 2022.

Just eight months later in October 2022, Rogers announced the split via an Instagram story, which read, “after four and a half years together, Justin and I have come to the difficult decision to separate as a couple.”

The news came as a shock to Rogers’ thousands of followers but the pair, understandably, chose not to divulge too many details around their split. 

But now, the influencer has decided to share a little more about the painful break up on Laura Byrne and Brittany Hockley’s Life Uncut podcast

Rogers told the podcast hosts that the relationship made her “miserable” and that she really did believe that getting married might make it better. 

“There’s something to say about thinking marriage is going to be a solution. He’s made a commitment to me so I thought things would improve,” she said.

“But whatever you think is going to change when you get married, it doesn’t. It won’t suddenly heal everything.”

While Rogers didn’t specify what relationship problems the pair were having, she did say that “there were a lot of big issues.” 

“When it’s a healthy relationship you can work on it as a team,” she said.

“But when the same things keep coming up over and over again, you’re flogging a dead horse. I felt like I didn’t have anything left to give.”

Rogers also opened up how feel felt in the lead up to the wedding, describing a feeling at the back of her mind that made her second guess everything.

However, with the wedding plans in full swing, she didn’t feel as though she could call it off, explaining “It felt like too much to pull away from if I was to change my mind or cancel the day.”

Heartbreakingly, Rogers also revealed that that the pair had spent a year undergoing IVF treatments to fulfil her dream of becoming a mother but felt “terrified” of becoming pregnant with his baby. 

Olivia Molly Rodgers and Justine McKeone
Olivia Molly Rodgers and Justin McKeone (Credit: Instagram)

Since Rogers’ podcast appearance, McKeone has also taken the opportunity to speak out. 

Taking to Instagram stories, McKeone wrote, “A wise person once said never believe there is one side to a story. Respect the dignity of a broken marriage > speaking publicly.

“My nearest and dearest know my side and that’s all that matters to me. That’s all you’ll ever (hear) from me. Thank you for all the messages of supportI can honestly say l’ve never been happier.”

We hope that’s the case for both of them and wish the pair nothing but the best on their separate journeys. 

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