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Are We About To Have A ‘The Last Of Us’ Reunion At The Met Gala?

Fingers crossed.
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Aside from the next-level fashion and celebrity sightings, one of the best parts of the Met Gala is seeing our favourite film and TV show’s cast members reunite on the red carpet. 

The Last Of Us fans might have already noticed two of the show’s favourite cast members have arrived at the event. 

Pedro Pascal
Pedro Pascal in a red Valentino ensemble.

Pedro Pascal, who plays Joel in the post-apocalyptic drama series, was the first to arrive—and he made quite the entrance. 

Arriving in shorts, lace-up military boots and a deep red Valentino trench coat, the actor served us big ‘internet daddy’ energy. 

But Pascal’s co-star Bella Ramsey wasn’t far behind, arriving in an embellished suit from US designer Thom Browne.

While Ramsey’s look also featured a black tie, their knees were well and truly covered. 

Bella Ramsey met gala
Bella Ramsey at the Met Gala. (Credit: Getty)

While the two co-stars don’t seem to have crossed paths at the Met Gala yet, we’re not taking our eyes off the screen until we do. 

Fingers crossed. 

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