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Police Seize CCTV Footage Of Cassie Sainsbury’s Mystery Man

The material could help her case

Police are now investigating 22-year-old Australian Cassie Sainsbury’s claims she was set up by a mystery man named Angelo, following their seizure of CCTV footage showing her meeting a man in the lobby of her hotel room, 7 News reports.

The fitness trainer and volunteer firefighter is facing 25 years in a Colombian prison after being caught with 5.8kg of cocaine in her suitcase seconds before boarding her flight home to Australia.

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Since her arrest, Sainsbury has maintained that she was set up by a man she had only just met. She says he gave her the 18 plastic-wrapped packages containing the cocaine, which she was led to believe were headphones.

The owner of the hotel where Cassie was staying in Colombia, Ingrid Hernandez, confirmed to AAP that police obtained the CCTV footage from the premise’s archives.

Sainsbury is currently sharing a cell with around 250 other women in one of the most notorious prisons in Colombia.

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