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Prince George Played A Sheep In His School’s Nativity Play

That's right, the future King of England... as a sheep

Prince George may be in line for the throne, but apparently, being a royal doesn’t get you any special treatment when it comes to nativity plays.

The 4-year-old, who started school at Thomas’s Battersea in London this September, was cast not as Joseph, not as one of the Three Wise Men, not even as the Innkeeper. Instead, the little prince played the role of a sheep. 

Yes, you read that right. A sheep.

prince george
(Credit: Getty)

With no videos or photos (sob), how do we know for sure that Prince George was, indeed, a woollen animal? Because Prince William told the world, revealing that “It was funny.”

“I went to my boy’s Nativity play. It was funny,” William told press at BBC’s Bridge House. “He was a sheep.”

While dad isn’t being very supportive by joking about George’s epic performance, William did just hand-deliver his son’s Christmas wish-list to Santa while in Finland. 

prince george

And what does the little sheep prince want this year? Oh, just a police car

The adorable letter opened with “Dear Father Christmas, This year I have been naughty/nice.” With a slightly wobbly circle, George showed Santa that he had been “nice” this year. Although the page had space for five present requests, the prince asked for only one – a police car – before signing off “Love, George”.

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