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Sam Worthington Opens Up About Fatherhood And Lara In Heartwarming New Interview

“Having kids makes you a better person."

Sam Worthington and his wife of two years, Lara Worthington, have rarely spoken about their family life, in an attempt to keep their two children sheltered from the invasive industry in which they work.

The loved-up couple enjoy spending quiet time with their family, rather than spending time in the limelight. However, Sam has just opened up about becoming a dad for the very first time, and he has some seriously heartwarming things to say about his two sons.

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“The most surprising thing about fatherhood is that I love it,” Sam tells News in a new interview. “I love it more than anything in the world. If my job now didn’t exist I would be a stay at home dad.”

“My life changed once I had children. Everything changes when you have kids because it’s not about you and what are you doing anymore. Suddenly it becomes about them and that leads you to go, ‘Well I don’t need to be angry at this person anymore or angry at the world because that’s not important.’ What is important is them and that they have a future and a father that appears hopeful.”

“It can be challenging, and sleep has disappeared altogether,” he said. “But every part of it is a joy.”

The actor explains that he and Lara moved to New York to maintain a sense of normalcy, saying they are able to go about their day unbothered by media attention.

“We just like to have a normal life,” he says. “My happy place is with my family, wherever they are, especially with my wife.”

“My kids are American, but their mum and grandma and me are all Australian so I think it’s fine in that balance that they’ll get the best of both worlds.”

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Rocket Zot is almost two years old, while his younger brother (yet to be named publicly) was born in October. 

Lara shared the first photo of her second son on Instagram just three days ago. Look at his tiny feet! Couldn’t your heart just melt?

This article originally appeared on InStyle Australia.

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