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This On-Air Smackdown Of Piers Morgan By Co-Host Susanna Reid Has Gone Viral

She called him out live on ‘Good Morning Britain'

You may know the name Piers Morgan from his antagonist antics that have him in feuds with the likes of JK Rowling, Emma Watson, Ewan McGregor and Jim Jefferies.

The conservative British TV presenter has often found himself the target of online backlash for his comments on issues such as Brexit, women’s rights, and anti-Trump protests.

Most recently however, Morgan’s opinions have been mocked by co-host Susanna Reid live on ‘Good Morning Britain.’

Morgan opened a conversation opposing, ironically, outspoken behaviour on social media.

“I get annoyed when people start banging on about politics on Facebook. I’ve had to unfriend family members, ’cause it’s like I can’t… I need some respite,” Morgan told viewers.

“Can’t you just put a picture of your little kid, y’know, having an ice-cream or something?”

Co-star Reid, rolling her eyes, instantly hit back.

“I know exactly what you mean,” she sighed.

“Someone just keeps going on and on and on, and you just need respite and a break. And you just wish you could defriend them, but you’re just forced every day to listen to their views… I know exactly how you feel,” she said.

Morgan was left doe-eyed and speechless, staring off into space in the wake of Reid’s perfectly timed burn.

As the episode aired, and viewers revelled in Ried’s delightful comeback, Morgan took to twitter with a somewhat defeated message to his co-host.

Reid began her career as broadcast journalist, hosting the ITV breakfast show for nearly 18 months before Morgan was brought on in November 2015. Since then, she has been labelled “the most tolerant woman on TV” in light of her co-hosts antics.

Earlier this week, a video highlighting her reactions to Morgan’s mindless ranting also went viral, after Reid shared it Twitter followers.

Lets just call this the least self-aware statement of 2017.

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