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Meet The Contestants From This Year’s Highly Anticipated Season Of ‘Australian Survivor’

It's all about Brains versus Brawn.

Australian Survivor is back on our screens in a big way, premiering on Channel 10 last night. 24 contestants are battling it out to be the sole survivor, with this year’s theme being revealed as Brains versus Brawn

With 12 contestants on each team, they possess a unique set of skills that will see them prove either an asset or a liability. But who has what it takes to make it to the end? 

Taking place in the harsh reality of the Australian outback, both the environment and contestants are set to be unforgiving. With temperatures reaching an intense 51 degrees, it’s set to get incredibly intense as tensions begin to rise as well. 

Below, the full cast list for Australian Survivor 2021, Brains versus Brawn. 


Laura Wells

Laura is a marine scientist and model on the Brains tribe. With qualifications in environmental management under her belt, she could prove incredibly useful in the harsh Australian outback. 


Phil Ferguson 

“I’m straight up, I’m pretty honest. I’m a Scorpio, they’re loyal,” Phil said in a trailer. “Because of my ability to understand people and read them, I’ll be able to make any sort of plan happen.”

Unfortunately, the premiere episode saw Phil eliminated, but he did leave his adorable crocheted hat behind for the Brains tribe to remember him by. 


Chelsea Hackett 

“The Brains tribe have got to watch it because the Brawn tribe are going to come in so hard,” said pro MMA fighter Chelsea.


Georgia Ray

“Brain is multifaceted, brawn is one dimensional. Without a doubt brain is better than brawn,” said forensic psychologist Georgia. 


Gavin Wanganeen

The AFL legend himself is unsurprisingly joining the Brawn tribe, and is on a mission to become the first Indigenous person to win Australian Survivor. 

“I think people will definitely underestimate me because they’ll think, ‘He’s a dumb ex footballer’. I’m ready to play. The beast comes out, so don’t mess with me,” he said. 


Dani Beale

“The Australian Outback might be fierce, but it’s no match to the snakes I deal with every single day,” said prison officer Dani.

With a background working in a maximum security prison, Dani is used to keeping her guard up. She’s joining the Brawn Tribe, and hopes to show her nieces that women can achieve anything. 


Binyamin (Benny) Burdo

“I’ve got no emotion, I’m willing to throw people under the bus,” entrepreneur Benny said in an intro clip. “I will win the game.”

Benny joins the Brawn Tribe. 


Daini Tuiqere

Daini joins the Brawn Tribe, and with a background in personal training, brings some serious strength to the fore.

“In bodybuilding, when your body’s aching, when you’re starving, that’s when you’re the happiest.”


Janelle Durso 

She may be a proud mother, but don’t let that fool you. Janelle has come to stir the pot, and anyone who underestimates her may find themselves coming to regret it.


George Mladenov

“I’ll let the audience decide if I’m the hero, or the villain,” said George, from the Brains Tribe.

George hopes to get ahead with strategy and intellect, a few skills he picked up at work as a “faceless man” in the Labor Party.


Kerryn Mcgee

Body builder and personal trainer Kez is joining the Brawn Tribe, and despite her sweet looks, will do absolutely anything it takes to survive. 


Baden Cooke

Baden is a Tour de France Green Jersey Winner and former Olympian, but surprisingly, will be joining the Brain Tribe. Having won over 50 races and competed at the highest level for 14 years, there is no doubt that Baden’s determination will be his greatest asset. 


Gerald Youles

Gerald is a champion wood chopper and farmer, so he brings a great deal of physical strength to the competition, putting him in the Brawn Tribe. 

A fifth-generation cattle farmer from the Aussie bush, he’ll be in his element as the show unfolds in a new Far North Queensland location.


Joey McCann

Joey is a tradesman-turned-businessman who has scored himself a place on the Brain Tribe. 

The 35-year-old has also competed in over 100 marathons, so he still brings a great deal of physical strength. 


Hayley Leake

Hayley is a pain researcher on the Brain Tribe. She believes her unique understanding of what causes people to feel pain will be a huge advantage.


Rachel Downie

While she may look unassuming, Rachel is Brains Tribe member could almost definitely pose a threat.


Mitchell Shaw

Mitch is a doctor whose leadership skills will set him apart in the Brains tribe from the get go – but could that paint a target on his back?


Shannon Lawson 

Full-time model and fitness influencer Shannon has earned a place on the Brawn Tribe, who is out to prove that she’s far more than a pretty face. 

“I’m a hustler, they’re not going to see what’s coming.” 


Simon Mee

Simon is a carpenter joining the Brawn tribe, but it’s his past as a former body builder that’s likely to help him in the brutal Survivor challengers.


Wai Chim

Holding degrees from some of the most prestigious academic institutions in the world, Wai is firmly on the Brain Tribe. 

“I’m going to be a very resilient player and make the best strategic decisions.”


Andrew Ulces

An Aussie wildlife and survival expert, Andrew is undoubtedly going to be a valued member of the Brain Tribe. 

His knowledge of survival (particularly in their harsh conditions) could prove invaluable. 


Felicity Palmateer

Flick (formally known as Felicity) – is a surfer who went pro at just 16 years old, joining the Brawn tribe.

Currently ranked second in the world for Big Wave Surfing, she knows what it takes to be the best.


Cara Atchison

Cara describes herself as an empath, someone who can sense and feel other people’s emotions as if they were her own.

It’s a skill she firmly believes will get her ahead of the game as a member of the Brain Tribe.


Emmett Pugh

Emmett is a health coach joining the Brawn tribe, where his reputation as an Ironman and CrossFit fanatic could help him excel in the game. 

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