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A Definitive List Of Everyone Who’s Been Voted Off Survivor Australia 2021

The Brains and the Brawn go head-to-head.

It’s one of the Australia’s (if not the entire world’s) longest running reality TV series, and to this day Survivor Australia… survives. 

It’s for a good reason. The dramatic elimination-based show measures the strength and resilience of contestants from all walks of life. From the bold and brave to the cunning and shy, they tackle a series of gruelling tasks and challenges that could make or break them. 

In 2021, the show spiced things up with a slightly different format: Brains V Brawn

Each ‘tribe’ consists of 12 contestants. One is jam-packed with smarts, the other brimming with peak physical ability. 

So who will win? Scroll through to find out who has left Survivor Australia so far. 


Andrew, fire tribe 

After realising he was the culprit of an elimination quest between George and Cara, Andrew’s time in the competition looked like it was quickly coming to a close. That was until he was given one final opportunity to save himself by picking the correct urn following tribal council. Sadly, he exhausted his last chance by picking one that was empty—his parting words were rather apt: “Maybe I should have watched the show before going on there. Haha.”


Emmett, fire tribe

Emmett was sent packing in episode 18 after a showdown with former ally George. A sad farewell to Emmett (and his yellow shorts) ensued. 


Laura, fire tribe

Model and activist Laura Wells was sent home with just one single vote. While her time had finally come to an end, there’s no denying she had a decent run. 

What a wild ride. 35 days sleeping in the dirt, being absolutely filthy- it’s definitely time for a shower,” she quipped on Instagram.  


Gerald, fire tribe

A surprising show down saw both Danni and Emmett face off against each other—but Gerald was somehow the one to go. 

He took it on the chin though, later writing to Instagram: “You have to accept fate with a smile, embrace the future and what is to come.”


Baden, fire tribe

An epic showdown saw the back of Baden who was outlasted by Hayley in a one-on-one challenge. Speaking of the loss, he said: “The only consolation is that I was beaten by a fierce competitor and genuine, Sole Survivor contender.” 


Chelsea, fire tribe

Chelsea was sadly forced to forfeit after a medical issue landed her out of the game for more than the 24 hour time limit. She later explained an ear infection, combined with dehydration and weight loss associated with filming the show were to blame. 



When the contestants merged into the fire tribe, the stakes were higher than ever. Hayley played her immunity idol on behalf of Laura, which meant Kez who drew the short straw with just three votes to her name.

But when Kez was sent home, she left a notable mark on the camp. On her way out, she slipped her existing immunity idol to Flick—the feat has never happened before on Australian Survivor, but it is allowed due to a rule change made in 2019. 

Former Survivor contestant Nick Iadanza confirmed the change via Twitter: “Before All Stars [which aired in 2020], the rules were changed so that idols and advantages could be passed to others up until the torch snuffing.”


Simon, brawn

Simon was eliminated after a shock blindside despite having two immunity idols to his name. Holding his own in his loss, he quipped on Instagram: “Not going to lie… that one hurts with 2 idols. But I can’t even be mad about that. Well played… to the ENTIRE tribe. That will go down in history.” 


Rachel, brains

Rachel and Laura were left in the firing line at the tribal council in episode 11, but Rachel was ultimately the one who drew the short straw. 


Georgia, brains

Georgia fell ill and had to be excused from camp for 24 hours, which she later heartbreakingly revealed was due to an ectopic pregnancy. She added that her tribe were incredibly supportive throughout the painful process. She was eliminated shortly after and returned home where she received surgery. She has since made a full recovery. 


Shannon, brawn

After a gruelling tribal council seeing Shannon’s fate pitted against the brains tribe’s Laura, the Aussie model was ultimately sent packing. 

Speaking of the experience on Instagram shortly after her elimination aired, Shannon revealed how it put things into perspective for her: “Having an opportunity to live in nature and really take in the outback for all its worth really grounded me. I appreciate the simple things like salt, hugs and a shower. I feel liberated after not having to worry about my appearance for 20 days and feel like I proved to myself and others how strong I can be.”


Daini, Brains

Episode eight saw the end for Daini. After transitioning over to the brains tribe, one blunder from Cara during the tribal vote sent him home, with the trainer later asserting on Instagram: “Watching that all back brought up all my feels and confusion about that tribal im Still staring at the fire wondering how Cara got the vote wrong?” 


Joey, brains

In a shock twist, Joey was booted from the tribe after he was secretly voted against by a majority in the tribal council—thanks to a cunning move from Hayley. 

Not missing a beat, Joey later posted to Instagram that she’d “Played me like a banjo tonight and executed that blindside perfectly”. You’ve got to appreciate how well he took it on the chin. 


Mitch Shaw, brains

Brisbane Doctor Mitch drew the short straw when the brains were sent to tribal council. Until the last minute, it was believed George would be the one to go… until he pulled out an immunity idol in the nick of time. Better luck next time, Mitch…


Benny Burdo, brawn 

Entrepreneur Benny was voted off in the fourth episode after his alliance surprisingly turned against him. An unfortunate turn of events which undoubtedly left him a little wounded. He’s yet to comment publicly on his exit. 


Gavin Wanganeen, brawn

Ladies and gents, we have our first blindside. Gavin was kicked off the tribe in a shock twist after his teammate Kez pulled a hidden immunity idol. 

The AFL legend took it all on the chin, writing: “What can I say, all good things come to an end.”


Janelle Durso, brawn 

Of the brawns, Janelle was the first to go in her tribe after she struggled to finish a puzzle in time. Onto the next challenge for the confident mum. 


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